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FREE CD-ROM Computer Lessons including Word, Internet, Windows XP, Outlook, Access, FrontPage and more! - USA Only  

Yooz.com Fully interactive internet tutorial

If you are interested in how things work on the Internet then look no further than HowStuffWorks.com  for excellent training articles 

Learn the Net
Articles, how-tos, resources, tutorials and information on all aspects of finding your way around the web. Learn all about email, newsgroups, downloading files, multimedia, how to protect yourself, surfing and more. 

Yahoo How To - A Tutorial for Web Surfers
Free online tutorial explains the art of surfing, how to find stuff on the internet, how to get involved in the net community as well as learning how to get around Yahoo.

Webmonkey for Kids 
A tutorial for kids who want to build a web page. Lessons, projects, templates, and tools make this site both educational and fun.

Beginners' Central
Free online tutorials for those new to the Internet. Eight chapters crammed with information like learning how to download, configuring email and newsreaders, searching techniques, posting to newsgroups as well as FTP instructions.

Web Search Tutorials & Guides 

Your Complete Guide to Searching the Net
Here you'll find a handy comparison chart of the most popular search engines illustrating which is best for simple, custom, directory, current news and web content searches. See who the editors' picked as best overall!

Web Search Strategies
Free online tutorial to learn and practice the strategies and techniques for using search engines and subject directories effectively. And don't miss the scavenger hunt exercise!

A Helpful Guide to Search Engines
Another excellent tutorial for web searching beginners. Explanation of how search engines work and how to plan your best search strategy.

A Short and Easy Internet Search Tutorial
The Pandia Goalgetter has created this free online tutorial to help you find whatever you're looking for quickly and easily. Topics covered include a comparison of search services, advanced searching, boolean operators, phrases, case sensitivity, nesting, wildcards, error codes and Pandia's 17 recommendations for net searching. 

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Internet Information

Listings of various abbreviations and acronyms

Internet Errors Explained  - HTTP Error codes and their meanings

HEX Colour Codes Colours according to HEX numbers and examples - huge listing

Internet Country Codes - a comprehensive listing of the country specific domain name extensions

whatis? - Computer, software and internet terms explained.

Smileys and Emoticons

Smiley and Text Speak Lingo Dictionary

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