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Learn to touch type easily and quickly with this amazing new typing tutor software
This great training system guarantees that you'll be speed typing in no time, or 
you'll get your money back! Learning to type is fun with this tutor program,
 lessons, games and speed typing tests are included with the software!


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Learn to touch type -  the best tutor software programs. Learning touch typing can be effective, fast and fun!

When I began to learn to touch type many years ago, it was at best a pretty painful experience. Touch typing tutorials were all paper based and manual typewriters were the training equipment of the day. But it was worth the effort! Without a fast typing speed, this web site would have taken me well over a decade to develop. A webmaster with speed touch typing skills has a distinct advantage over his "hunt and peck" peers!

The ability to touch type is rapidly becoming a pre-requisite of modern life, but at least today there are many typing tutor software programs to make learning to touch type very easy. By gaining good typing speed and accuracy, you open up doors for better job prospects as well as opening up a whole new world of communications!


Special Offer 

A special deal on this amazing touch typing training software. You can order Touch Typing Now Pro (Immediate online delivery) for only
That's a 33% discount on usual pricing!

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If you're involved with the web development industry, or engaged in any employment where you are using a keyboard, the ability to touch type is absolutely crucial to your efficiency. Your clients don't want to have to pay for poor typing skills as it greatly slows down development and communications.

The Touch Typing Now tutorial software program is an easy to follow step-by-step training system that tutors  the user how to type fast and accurately. The software includes on-screen video and a virtual tutor that gives you lessons and helps you every single stroke of the way in a highly interactive environment.

In just 10 hours, regardless of your keyboarding experience, you can improve your typing speed, drastically - guaranteed. It's never too late to learn touch typing, and have fun in learning!

I can personally recommend the training system. This is the best, most intuitive and friendly touch typing tutor package I have ever used - and during my years as a qualified Workplace trainer I have reviewed a number of similar software packages.

Touch Typing Now have the best formula to  guarantee your success. The learn to touch type training program includes the following: 


Click here to learn more about the Touch Typing Now tutor and training system. Includes games and speed tests!

Typing games, skill tests, simple to follow lessons, online practice, typing tests, onscreen tutor and keyboard make Touch Typing Now a great way to learn how to touch type without leaving home! Visit our Touch Typing Now site & learn how to speed type within hours 

1. Interactive Video Teaching 

The on screen interactive tutor (Deluxe Version) guides your progress throughout the course, providing easy to follow instructions along the way. If you make any mistakes, your tutor will help you with information on what might be causing problems with speed and accuracy and tips on how to correct them. Learn more

2. 3-D On-Screen Keyboard 

Watch the On-screen 3D keyboard and animated hands and you will soon learn to concentrate on the screen without needing to look at your keyboard. All your own typing actions are copied at the same time on screen. You also have the choice of normal, ergonomic or children's on-screen keyboard. For advanced learners, the keyboard can be turned off altogether.

3. Individual typing tutor log-ons

Each learner can have their own profile that is password protected, therefore preserving their statistics and place within the training course. A full typing lessons history is kept, along with the results of any speed and accuracy tests. This is a great feature for touch typing teachers, trainers and instructors and one of the many features that makes this software an excellent choice for schools and companies, as well as individuals learning touch typing.

4. Quick & Easy Touch Type Learning 

Learn to touch type within less than 10 hours! This keyboarding course will offer you 19 lessons and tutorials, starting with just two keys and building on your skills, speed and accuracy from there. The easy to follow lessons also include numeric keys. Learn more

5. Online Typing Practice via the Internet 

Practice your typing and keyboarding by chatting over the company's special Internet link with other users of Touch Typing Now around the world. With over 60 000 people currently utilizing the typing lessons, you're sure to find someone to practice your touch type skills with online - 24 hours a day!

6. Test your skills with typing tests 

You can see how you are progressing with your lessons by choosing any of five different typing tests during your course, involving speed, accuracy, and dictation. The dictation typing tests are very intuitive and the virtual typing teacher repeats the sentence when a pause is detected. Learn more

7. The best program for school teachers and trainers

Touch Typing Now allows teachers and trainers to create their own typing tests and exams.  Students can also type from paper copy text and print out a type speed and accuracy history or individual results for further assessment. The Touch Typing Now program is perfect for a school or training room environment! 

8. Simple, fast and fun 

This software tutor is the most user friendly learn to touch type training available today, and you don't even have to leave home to take this keyboarding course!

9. Typing Games - learning and playing.

Take time out from the formal lessons but still improve your type speed and accuracy by playing any of the three typing games designed to practice and stretch your new skills. Learn more

10. 100% money back guarantee

The creators of Touch Typing Now are so convinced that you'll find it the best way to learn to touch type that they offer the software program risk free for 30 days. If you don't feel you have substantially benefited from the keyboarding training program during that time, you'll be entitled to a full refund. Learn to touch type today!

If you have any questions about Touch Typing Now, please don't hesitate in contacting me.


Special Offer 

A special deal on this amazing touch typing training software. You can order Touch Typing Now Pro (Immediate online delivery) for only
That's a 33% discount on usual pricing!

Check out our showcase site, Web Wide Software for further details on the software.


Schools, Companies, Community groups and Training Organizations 
- interested in bulk purchasing? -
Visit our Touch Typing Now distributor site, Web Wide Software.com right now & learn more about this amazing training system! You can download free resources & take an online typing speed test!





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