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Software to speed up your modem dialup Internet Connection!

Propel Accelerator speeds up your internet access by up to 5x faster - without requiring you to purchase extra computer hardware - guaranteed! By increasing your web surfing speed, you'll boost your online productivity!

Click here to learn more about Propel Accelerator, the modem/ Internet connection optimizer guaranteed to speed up web surfing!

Speed up your dial-up connection by up to 5 times
Make your dialup service 5 times faster!
Try a 7 day risk free trial of Propel Accelerator  

Software Features

  • Optimizes Dial-up Modems quickly and easily 
  • No expensive hardware needed 
  • Operates with all web browsers
  • Speeds Internet browsing x5
  • Works seamlessly with most ISPs - including AOL, AT&T WorldNet, Earthlink, Juno, MSN, and NetZero. 
  • With Propel Accelerator, most pages can be viewed in less than 7 seconds! 
  • Save money. Broadband options like DSL and cable are expensive. Using this software, you can achieve DSL/Cable browsing speeds on a standard mode!
  • Always available. Broadband solutions are still not widely available, but this modem/connection enhancement software goes wherever you do! 
  • Increase your productivity - great for online business!
  • Unlike some other similar software packages, Propel contains no spyware
  • Try a 7 day risk free trial of Propel Accelerator today!

How does it work? 

Propel Accelerator speeds up the delivery of Web pages: 

  • Compression. Propel Accelerator loads text and images at amazing speeds, using a special compression technology that decreases the size of Web pages and page elements sent to your web browser.
  • Caching. Propel Accelerator "re-uses" elements already sent to your PC, so the more you use the software, the faster your web browsing experiences become!
  • Persistent Connections. Propel Accelerator uses proprietary technology to optimize the line of communications between your modem and Internet servers, saving time in re-establishing connections with the web site you are currently viewing connections. 




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