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Marketing, search engine optimization and web development services - free site evaluation! 

Would you like a free professional site evaluation valued at $170 from a leading web marketing and development company - no strings attached? Jump to the form or read on..

As the pace of Taming the Beast.net and other projects has picked up over the last couple of years, time has become a real issue. I find myself unable to attend to the many of the requests I receive for direct consultancy services related to search engine marketing, optimization and general web marketing. 

Finding an ethical marketing and development company to recommend to people that can deliver results at a reasonable price has been a real challenge - and one that I have not taken lightly. 

After extensive research and interviews with SEO companies spread over 2 years, I'm very pleased to announce a partnership between EdgeWorks Group and Taming the Beast + a very special offer to celebrate! I've had extensive discussions with Bruce (EdgeWorks' CEO) over several months and can recommend EdgeWorks with confidence.

As a special offer for Taming the Beast.net visitors, EdgeWorks is providing a no-obligation (and I mean that) site evaluation. This very special service has a value of around $170. EdgeWorks will take a close look over your site and follow up with you via phone to discuss its strengths, challenges and answer any questions you may have. No high pressure sales pitch, just useful information, tips and marketing strategies for you to consider. 

Taming the Beast.net referred clients will also receive special pricing on projects if you should decide to engage EdgeWorks' services in the future.

If you're ready to dive on this offer, just complete the following form and one of EdgeWorks' team will follow up with you. For more information about EdgeWorks, scroll down past the form for details.

Free site evaluation form

Please complete all fields on the form - this is a free, no-obligation service from EdgeWorks for Taming the Beast.net visitors; your details will not be shared with other parties. One of the EdgeWorks team will follow up with you as soon as possible.

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About EdgeWorks

Based in California and servicing a global market, EdgeWorks Group offers an excellent range of services backed by over a decade of experience and 500 completed projects. They've serviced some major clients including CMSWatch.com. Environmental Defense, National Wildlife Federation and Cygnus Business Media.

Given the profile of some of their clients, you'd expect a high price tag for their services - not so. EdgeWorks can tailor services to your needs and means. Their special focus is on small to medium business.

Some of the services EdgeWorks provides:

Search engine optimization

Organic (free) search engine listings are gold for your business - but like finding gold, high rankings are getting increasingly harder and expensive to attain given there's so much competition. 

EdgeWorks can perform solid optimization work on your site, or just provide consultancy services to help you climb the rankings - using *ethical* tried and tested methods. EdgeWorks *do not* use spamming or the many "black hat" techniques common in the industry today.

Get your no-obligation free site evaluation now!

Pay Per Click advertising

A potential minefield for newcomers and the more experienced alike. You can lose money faster than at a Las Vegas casino in the world of Pay Per Click! 

Which keywords should you target - not just keywords that get you clicks, but will convert to sales while providing you with an excellent return on investment? Then there's the other side of the equation - the landing page that potential clients see after they've clicked. Is it achieving its maximum potential? EdgeWorks can help.

Paid inclusion & paid placement

Some search engines provide guaranteed inclusion and/or placement - a little different to PPC (pay per click). Edgeworks can explain your options and whether this strategy may be suitable for your business.

Web site traffic analysis

It's one thing to have access to web traffic stats, quite another to understand what you're seeing. Edgeworks analyzes your raw traffic logs to ascertain where your traffic is coming from, what people are doing whilst on your site and with this data, ascertain where the bottlenecks and blocks may be that are preventing maximum sales conversion rates.

Take advantage of a free site evaluation today!

Internet advertising management

Once you have achieved the rankings you want or the PPC performance you were aiming for - the work doesn't end there; it needs to be maintained. EdgeWorks can help in monitoring all your campaigns; leaving you to attend to your core business tasks.

Other marketing services

It doesn't stop with Search engine marketing - EdgeWorks Group can also arrange sponsorships, banner advertising; affiliate management/recruitment and email marketing campaigns.

Web development

Need a new site? Want to revamp an existing one? EdgeWorks can assist you too - with access to content writers, graphic designers and programmers; EdgeWorks is your one-stop shop for all your web development needs.

Some of the aspects I admire most about Bruce and his team are their ethical stance and enthusiasm - sure, they are in business to make money, but it goes beyond that - they are passionate about their work; educating businesses and unlocking the hidden potential of their online presence.

Do yourself and your business a favor, take EdgeWorks up on the Taming the Beast.net visitor offer of a free site evaluation and also special pricing if you should decide to engage their services!





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