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The best banner/pop under advertising agency!

If you're looking to make some extra money from your web site, or to promote your company products via a quality advertising network, we can confidently recommend the Valueclick Advertising network. We trialed many different banner ad/pop under networks and Valueclick came out on top! 

After over 5 years of association with this network, it has become one of our substantial sources of revenue generation - and we've been paid in full on time, every time!  The company gives you full control over the campaigns displayed and also gives you the option of uploading your own banner and pop under advertising campaigns to be displayed in rotation with theirs!


Publisher (Affiliate) program

Generate income from your web site and become one of the Valueclick Advertising network publisher member sites!  Key Features:

  • Great rates: The Great rates: They pay by impression (CPM) and click (CPC) and give you 65% of advertising revenue!

  • Reliable Payment: The Valueclick Advertising network pays by the 25th of the month for the previous month on a balance of $50 or more. On balances that are less, it is rolled over to the next month. Payment is either by check or by PayPal.

  • Control: You decide which advertisements you want to run on your site and can manage multiple sites from a single interface. 

  • Default redirects are free!

  • Flexibility: No contracts, guaranteed free service. 

  • Generous referral program! Earn 5% of the earnings of any other publisher your refer or 5% of the campaign budget of any advertiser referred!

The network offers many different types of creatives that you can add to your site, including:

  • 728/468 Banners

  • Pop-Under ads

  • 160/120 SkyScraper banners

  • InVue (like popups, but slide into view)

  • Interstitial advertising

  • Medium Rectangle 

  • Rectangle

  • Half Page

  • Text ads

  • Video ads

There's literally hundreds of banner campaigns to choose from.

Don't delay - join the Valueclick Advertising network  and starting making money from your web site!


The Valueclick Advertising network  provides you with exceptional web-based administrative interfaces to make it easy to monitor the success of your ad campaign. Sites that will display your ads have been scrutinized carefully before joining the network to ensure the best possible coverage for your campaign. Publisher's sites are continually audited to maintain quality control and give you peace of mind that your ads are being displayed properly. 

With an easy-to-use online interface, you build and control your campaign, from testing creatives to optimization by category and website selection. You can also contact one of our Account Managers to help walk you through the process, including advanced targeting and automated optimization of your campaign.

The Valueclick Ad network  offers a wide range of online advertising formats for your campaign

Easy Campaign creations

You control the whole campaign from a web based interface - from choosing a campaign to suit your budget, to adding your advertising media, to payment. If you aren't ready to launch your campaign, you can request a quote online.

Sophisticated Targeting 

Through the Valueclick Advertising network's cutting edge software you can direct traffic to only the sites that are performing the best - this can be done manually or automatically through criteria you set.

Accurate and up to date reporting.

Advertiser's statistics are updated on an hourly basis to allow you to view and optimize your ad campaign.

Try the Valueclick Ad network  difference today!




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