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Free web site traffic statistics monitoring services - more than just a hit counter

"If it can't be measured, it can't be managed" - a basic rule of marketing, both in online business and in the physical world.  

Web Stat  have been servicing the webmaster community since 1998 with reliable and comprehensive free and premium traffic statistics monitoring services for web sites of all sizes. Implementation is as simple as copying and pasting a small block of code into your pages. This is more than just a basic free web site hit counter. Your statistics are in updated in real-time, 24/7 with excellent reporting facilities. Visit Web Stat  and set up your free web site traffic monitoring account today!

How much do you know about your site visitors?

How do you know what your Internet visitors are looking at when they hit your site? Having a better understanding of traffic on your site assists in planning future development, increasing web site traffic and also provides opportunities for increasing revenue through targeted advertising.

Do you know how long web site visitors are there for, how they hit your site or what country they are from? You might be receiving hundreds or thousands of hits a day, but if the visitors were only on your site for 15 seconds each, that would indicate there's a problem.

If you wish to sell Internet advertising space to clients, they will want to know about your visitor demographics - guessing won't cut it and you'll lose potential advertising business very quickly. A basic free web site hit counter stats just won't cut it.

Statistics reporting services aren't the same

Top quality web site traffic statistics reporting usually costs an arm and a leg. Of course, you could always do it yourself with log analyzers, but this is time consuming to set up and can also be costly if you purchase a premium analyzer. If you are being hosted on free space, the chances are you won't have access to your server log files. In these cases, you'll need to utilize a remotely hosted hit counter and monitoring service for accurate analysis.

We analyze our server log files regularly to get a better idea how we can to improve our site for our visitors. The results of statistics analysis are in our visitor counts - our hits are increasing steadily every month through responding to trends that appear in our monitoring reports.

The best free web site traffic monitoring

Features of the free Web Stat  traffic reporting include:

  • Monthly cumulative view of reports 
  • Up to 20,000 page views per month - Premium account holders can get unlimited page views - visit Web Stat  for details. If you don't want to track your entire site, you can paste the tracker code into only the pages you want tracked)
  • General Summary
  • Visited Pages
  • Monthly Trends
  • Browsers
  • Operating Systems
  • Countries
  • Search Engines
  • Free but you must display a small, low bandwidth button. 

All reports are accompanied by easy to analyze graphs. Unlike many other free web traffic tracking services and hit counters, your reports are archived for historical purposes.

Web Stat  Premium traffic reporting features:

  • Monthly cumulative reports
  • Daily cumulative reports
  • Hourly reporting
  • Campaign tracking
  • Downloadable reports in Acrobat, Excel, and other formats.
  • No WebSTAT button to display on page
  • General Summary
  • Calendar Summary
  • Hourly Visitors
  • Hourly Page Views
  • Hourly Visitor Averages
  • Hourly Page View Averages
  • Daily Visitor Averages
  • Daily Page View Averages
  • Page View Trends
  • Visitor Trends
  • Frequent Visitors
  • Recent Visitors
  • Browsers & versions
  • Operating Systems & versions
  • Visited Pages
  • JavaScript Versioning
  • Screen Resolution
  • Color Depth
  • Referring Page
  • Search Engines
  • Keywords
  • Countries
  • Exclude certain IP's (such as your own)
  • ISP's

But that's not all; Web Stat  has recently upgraded their services to provide even faster access to visitor statistics and hit analysis tools. Even the Web Stat  site is unique - unlike many other free web site monitoring services, they haven't bogged down their pages with banners.

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