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September 23 2001

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Taming the Beast Ezine - September 23 2001


A note from Michael and Kathy

1. An unforgettable fortnight - physical and digital bloodshed
2. September Hearts launched (www.septemberhearts.com)
3. Article Summary - The day that spam stood still
3. Article Summary - A lesson called Nimda
4. From the Archives - FFA - the facts

Closing Notes and contact details


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September 23 2001

Greetings All,

Welcome to another issue. 

Since the last issue of this ezine, the world has changed dramatically. This issue examines some of those events, from physical to web terrorism. The events spurred us on to create a new strictly non-commercial web site called SeptemberHearts.com - more on that later on. We'll also catch up on the latest articles from Taming the Beast in relation to these events. In addition, a full article from our archives regarding FFA submissions is included in this fortnight's offering. Many other articles are available from our site, free for reproduction in ezines etc. The article index can be viewed at:

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/articles /articlemain.htm

Please forward this newsletter on to those who you feel may be interested in the subjects discussed. If you have received this in error, we apologise, and by replying to this email with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line, we'll remove you from our list promptly. To those of you who have subscribed, we assure you that your email address will not be distributed to any other party for any reason, in accordance with our privacy policy.

Michael and Kathy


1. An unforgettable fortnight 

I find it hard to believe that on September 9, two days before the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon in America which claimed thousands of lives, I sent out our ezine focused on defending balanced advertising on the World Wide Web. It seems so unimportant a topic right now.

While many have grown tired of hearing the word "terrorist", it is not a time to ignore the situation and hope it will go away. This is real, this is happening, this is our future. This ezine goes out to many countries around the world and I won't use it to discuss my political or religious views in regards to this situation - but I have to ask the question: can't we all just get along?

Those of us who are web masters need to take special care in the coming months regarding the content on our sites, especially in forums. It is all well and good for our visitors and ourselves to capitalise on the freedom of speech that the Internet offers us, but we should also be responsible for what we say. We may also be held accountable for the actions of others on our sites. Please review your forum listings regularly to ensure that inappropriate postings are not appearing. There is enough blood spilt already and hate posts will not help that situation.

The Internet has broken down so many international barriers in the last 5 years but as a species we still obviously have a long way to go. 

Our thoughts continue to go out to those innocents who have already suffered from this crisis; our pity to those who are about to. And that leads us on to another point. Some idiot/s decided this would be a good time to release a new kind of virus. One that you could "catch" by viewing web pages. The World Wide Web is now also a changed place. The events of September 11 acted as a wake up call to us and spurred us on to create www.septemberhearts.com


2. September Hearts  (http://www.septemberhearts.com )

September Hearts, developed and hosted by Taming the Beast was launched today.

September hearts has been created to act as a networking point for people from around the world to express their views and solutions for a world in crisis. Visitors can contribute their points of view on subjects such as Terrorism, War, Politics, Domestic Violence & Global Change. There is also an area focusing on younger people, encouraging them to express their thoughts on the global situation.

The aim of the site is purely to get people thinking. We have learnt a great deal over the past fortnight about things we had been trying to ignore. The time for ignorance is now over. We are all in this together.

Kathy and her sister Jenny will be running the site:

"We are not a part of any organised religion or political party. Just simple human beings who simply want to live in a world where we feel safe. We want to see the end of human suffering at the hands of people who have no regard for human life. We did not bring our children into this world for them to suffer. We had and still have hope that this world can be a better place."

We look forward to your participant and feedback.

Kathy and Jenny Tyndale
September Hearts


3. Article summary - The day that spam stood still - September 11 2001.

"I thought the author of the email was kidding... he made reference to World War III. It was disturbing enough that I actually turned on the television, which is a rarity for me. He was right, what I saw looked like the beginning of World War III. I woke my partner - she spent most of that day crying over the shedding of so much innocent blood. Kathy also grieved for the children of those that died.."

To view the full article:

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/articles /wtcattack.htm


4. Article summary - A lesson called Nimda - the implications

"A virus you can get just by visiting a web page... yeh, right...

But then it happened. 

A web master and surfer's nightmare became real.

I visited one of my regular destinations after receiving various notifications from associates regarding a new, particularly nasty virus. I clicked refresh on the browser toolbar and Norton's AV jumped up on my screen (thankfully) to warn me it had intercepted the Nimda virus, aka W32.Nimda.A@mm."

To view the full article:

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/articles /nimdaupdate.htm

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5. From the Archives - FFA - the facts.

In the battle to be noticed on the web and share with the world our dreams, ideals, advice and products -the strategies are many.

When you have a limited budget, it also greatly limits the ways to gain exposure. Some of the major search engines are now ranking according to link popularity or how many dollars you can pay them to be listed. It's getting harder for the "little guy" to get into the game without a second mortgage on grandma's gold teeth. The argument for and against paid submission I won't explore now.

Have you ever come across those sites that offer to submit your URL to 8,567,291.1 sites for FREE? Then no doubt you have probably heard the term FFA, as this is where the majority of your submissions will go.

So what is FFA?

FFA stands for Free For All site. They have been in existence since around 1995. These are pages with the sole purpose of listing links. Practically anyone can post their "ad" on these pages for free. The ad usually takes the form of a descriptive link and a one to two line description. These listings are usually limited to around 50 and constantly rotating. A once off submission will last, if you're lucky, around one week. These pages are hosted around the world.

While trying to keep up with information regarding what the search engines are doing and investigating other options for promotion, I have been discouraged from using FFA sites to promote mine on a number of occasions. A couple of weeks ago, curiosity got the better of me, I ignored the advice and visited my friendly neighbourhood FFA blaster (a site dedicated to submitting to thousands of FFA pages).

After navigating through a series of pop-ups, I was presented with a form to fill in requesting my details, my site's url and description. With one click of my mouse button, I had supposedly submitted my url to around 8000 other sites. The whole process, from the first click to the FFA site, navigating to the submission form, filling out the form and submitting it, to the exiting click from the site took around 10 minutes. 

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Did I get traffic?....some, but nothing to get excited about..... As I mentioned earlier, the link lists are constantly turning over. On some of the FFA pages, my link lasted approximately 15 minutes before it was pushed down then off the list by new submissions. On some pages that I have located, the link has been visible for 6 days. 

How many fellow surfers have you heard comment, "I spent the night cruising FFA sites"...my guess is not many.

.....A word of warning.......(well, quite a few words)

Be prepared for a suddenly influx of email - many, many emails! As part of the submission agreement, each FFA page successfully submitted to can generate 1 email to you from that particular site - a confirmation of submission. These "confirmation of submissions" of course contain numerous advertisements. My submission saw me receive approximately 420 emails over the next three days. But after this initial influx, things settled down pretty rapidly and I am not being spammed.

I don't think that I will submit to FFA's on an ongoing basis, purely because of the "confirmation of submission" emails I received which probably totalled around 1.4 megabytes. I'm not comfortable with receiving emails that I have sparked off knowing that they are headed straight for the recycle bin - a waste of bandwidth in receiving them. It has been worth the experience, just to see how it works and to pass the information on to others. 

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Another option to drive traffic to your site and being able to send one of these "confirmation of submission" emails containing your advertisement is to establish your own FFA page. From what I could ascertain, this is a simple process. If you feel that this may benefit your site, be extremely careful and do your research regarding implementation. As word gets around that you have an FFA page, you will be undoubtedly bombarded with links to, shall we say, sites containing questionable material which may have negative legal and moral implications for you. If submission screening is not set up correctly, you may also receive very nasty emails from people whose email addresses have been used fraudulently to create these submissions. Also be aware that many of those emails that are sent out from your site will never be read.

Michael Bloch 
Tutorials, web content and tools, software and community.
Web Marketing, eCommerce & Development solutions. 

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Well, that's all for this Taming the Beast update. We appreciate your support and the next time you visit, take the time to fully explore the site as it is expanding rapidly. We are very open to feedback, so please don't hesitate in contacting us.

We hope that life is treating you kindly. We hope for a better world.

Regards from Australia

Michael Bloch & Katherine Tyndale
Taming the Beast - Established 1995
Tutorials, web content and tools, software and community
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