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October 7 2001

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Taming the Beast Ezine - October 7 2001


A note from Michael and Kathy

1. Ringtones, ringtones and more ringtones
2. Hate posts - we need to be careful
3. Article Summary - Dirty Web Promotion Tricks #1
3. Article Summary - Cross Browser Compatibility
4. From the Archives - Branding Concepts 

Closing Notes and contact details

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September 23 2001

Greetings All,

Welcome to another issue. As the world waits on tenterhooks for a resolution to the crises we are currently facing, we attempt to carry on with our day to day lives.

In this issue, we'll catch up with the latest developments on Taming the Beast, including the expansion of our cell phone ring tones section. There are also summaries of the latest articles, including an interesting look at some of the ethical and not so ethical ways webmasters get visitors to bookmark their sites.

Many other articles are available from our site, free for reproduction on your web site or ezine. The article index can be viewed at:

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/articles /articlemain.htm

Please forward this newsletter on to those who you feel may be interested in the subjects discussed. If you have received this in error, we apologise, and by replying to this email with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line, we'll remove you from our list promptly. To those of you who have subscribed, we assure you that your email address will not be distributed to any other party for any reason, in accordance with our privacy policy.

Michael and Kathy


1. Ringtones, ringtones and more ringtones!

Kathy has been busy over the last couple of weeks tracking down the latest ringtones for Nokia and also on building the new Ericsson section. We've been bowled over by the response to the service and thank everyone for their support and positive comments. Even though our ring tones section has only been active for a short time, we've been having around 1,000 searches carried out per day. There are now over 600 ringtones in our database for Nokia and Ericsson phones, all converted into keypresses for your convenience.


Check out the free Nokia and Ericsson ring tone section:

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/ ringtones/ring-tones.htm


2. Hate posts - we need to be careful.

As mentioned last fortnight, online forums across the world are increasingly becoming breeding grounds of hatred. The events in the U.S. and Middle East have understandably stirred up strong reactions from all sides. Regardless of our personal feelings as web masters, we do have a responsibility to monitor our forums for racist statements or posts that incite hatred through rumours or propaganda. 

This is deadly serious. 

World War I was sparked off with the assasination of one human being. It was the "straw that broke the camels back". We are now in the same situation. Tensions are high and it may only take the act of one deranged individual from any "side" to throw us into another global conflict; let's not encourage them. Random events over the last few days are pushing things to boiling point.

Internet myths regarding the crisis have been springing up all over the place, usually via discussion forums. These "myths" create panic and can cause people to feel justified in their actions against others. Please be part of the solution, and not the problem by closely monitoring your forums and editing where necessary. Debate is good, it sets people thinking, but aggression breeds aggression. Let's use the Internet as a tool of peace and not of war.

Contribute your views on the current global situation at September Hearts:



3. Article summary - Dirty Web Promotion Tricks #1

"Legitimate and Malicious Javascripts.

One of the best ways to get visitors to return and further explore your site is to convince them to set your home page as their Internet start page, or for them to add you their "Favorites". In this article, we'll examine some ethical and unethical ways this is done."

This article was created after an incident where my start page was altered and items add to my "Favorites" menu without my authorisation.

Read the Article:

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/articles /bookmarkingfavorites.htm


Email was sent to all the companies involved in the incident described in the above article. I have received only one proper response to date, that being from the webmaster of the page where the incident occurred. The webmaster was upset by the occurrence as the advertiser had stepped outside the bounds of their agreement and has taken action to remove the advertiser. 

The advertisers involved - Affiliate Target and Web Hot Ezines, have not responded to the note I sent 7 days ago. The malicious script used was called from the Affiliate Target site. It set my start page to Web Hot Ezines and added a Web Hot Ezine shortcut to my "Favorites" menu without my authorisation.

From the Web Hot Ezines shortcut I was automatically redirected to the MSN site operated by the Microsoft Corporation. MSN were not able to deal with my queries regarding the incident effectively and showed little interest in resolving the issue.

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4. Article summary - Cross Browser Compatibility.

"It looks good in Internet Explorer 6, but.......

A few years ago, there weren't many different versions of web browsers to choose from. Now there are dozens. Actually, there's over 100  browsers, not counting different versions of the same product. Quite a number of these names I had never heard of before - here's a list of browsers currently available......"


Read the article:

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/articles /crossbrowsercompatibility.htm


5. From the archives - Branding Concepts

"Branding" is the process by which a company employs marketing strategies to get people to easily remember their business and products over anothers...essentially, it's applied psychology.

As a child, I was introduced to a relatively new hamburger chain that had begun in Australia. I still visit that burger chain regularly 25 years later. Not a lot has changed over those years in regards to this particular company and I guess that's one of the reasons that I am still a customer. I know each time I walk into that establishment what I am going to have, where everything is and God help them if they ever remove the item from the menu! Even if they radically changed the decor, it would make me nervous. Many millions of people around the world would feel the same......

One of our countries major supermarkets has a habit of occasionally moving products around in their stores. It works well for them as it increases sales. Customers who usually seek out particular products are exposed to other items as they hunt for their favourites. It is a highly annoying tactic and only works in this situation because the supermarket is very competitive in pricing and range of products. People are not so patient on web sites and continiously moving items around on your site will see you losing traffic....nothing surer.

After having worked in management of another major fast food chain outlet, I learned that once a company has established a presence and become successful, any changes to operation must be carried out extremely carefully. Our patrons became very attuned to the company, they were essentially a part of it. Their perceptions and opinions needed to be taken into account every step of the way, and not just in regards to the products.


We have succumbed to the branding experience..... it makes us feel "safe"

Branding isn't just about logos, it's the entire "feel" associated with a company. In these days of bleeding edge technology and rapid change, people still enjoy going to places that follow a pattern of operation. This very much applies to our websites. Your logo should appear on every page, your domain name and one line blurb contained in every email, your theme consistent throughout your site. Granted, quality content is king, but it's important that visitors remember where the content came from. Branding establishes recall abilities of your site.

Recently, I decided that I was going to change the colour schemes on my site due to the research that I had carried out on the psychology of colour. Many articles I had studied suggested that black was not really appropriate for a site about web design. After discussing the plans with a few regular visitors, I was surprised by the response. The feedback was for me not to change the colour in any way. Even those people who did not feel that black was appropriate considering the nature of site did not want me to change it. They were "used" to it. It was a constant on the site, the same as the logo placement and general navigation structure. So it is all staying. My plans were to make the site look more in tune with other very successful web presences that focus on web design. What was I thinking!?!?!?

Branding is not only about constants, but individuality..........

If some one told you that they were going to establish a hamburger franchise and the logo colour scheme would be red and yellow, you would probably think they were insane. Red tends to signify danger and yellow is purported to be the most annoying colour of all. But try telling McDonalds that.....

But having stated that, if you are just in the planning stages your site, I suggest that you do be careful in your choice of navigation, logos and colour schemes. If your site is established with a good traffic flow and you are considering revamping it, it is of the utmost importance that you consult your visitors first via some sort of survey before any radical changes are made. Otherwise the many hours of hard work that you put into the upgrade, as well as the hours invested in developing the original theme, may be lost.

.... along with your traffic.

Michael Bloch 
Tutorials, web content and tools, software and community.
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Well, that's all for this Taming the Beast update. We appreciate your support and the next time you visit, take the time to fully explore the site as it is expanding rapidly. We are very open to feedback, so please don't hesitate in contacting us.

We hope that life is treating you kindly. We hope for a better world.

Regards from Australia

Michael Bloch & Katherine Tyndale
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