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November 30 2002

Greetings all,

Welcome to our new subscribers...

The second last edition for the year and what a year it's been! At the beginning of 2002, Taming the Beast.net was getting around 42 000 visitor a month, this month has seen approximately 300,000 visitors to our humble home!

Our thanks goes out to all the people who have dropped by, especially those who keep coming back :0). I really appreciate all the positive and constructive feedback you send me, keep it rolling in!

Virus, Fraud & Script Kiddies Fiesta

We're coming up to the end of the year and all the associated festivities that come with it; please bear in mind that it's also fiesta time for Script Kiddies, fraudsters and virus attacks.  It's especially important over the next few months that you keep your virus scanners up to date and re-examine your computer/web site security. If you are looking for further information on these subjects, check out our Internet Security section:

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/ tools/security-software.htm 

Holiday Online Spending

An interesting report was released from CyberAtlas this week, detailing compiled information on spending trends this holiday season. It seems that online spending is up on last year already and the most popular gift items for this season will be, in order of popularity:

  • Adult clothing 

  • Toys

  • Books

  • Music-related items

  • Consumer electronics 

  • Clothing for children

  • Home decor items

  • Food gifts 

  • Appliances

  • Automobile & related

To view the full report:
http://cyberatlas.internet.com/markets/ retailing/article/0,,6061_1502611,00.html

The Internet - more fragile than we think

When I was supervising an IT project in 2000, one of the team who was well versed on Internet infrastructure and network security brought to my attention that the Internet was not as solid as we may like to believe it is.  

He mentioned that while the Internet was meant to be a decentralized network of computer systems and not reliant on any one system for it's survival, as the Internet has evolved it's become increasingly reliant on core systems.  I was reminded of this the other day in this article recently published by the BBC:


Extra food for thought in these troubled times....

Free web site statistics services

Knowing your web site demographics is a very important part of marketing. I've been out and about again looking at different free web site traffic reporting services - decent ones are getting harder to find! The web isn't quite the free lunch it was a couple of years ago. If you are looking for free web traffic reporting or premium full strength services, this may interest you:

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/ misc/free-traffic-monitoring.htm 

Latest articles, reviews and tutorials:

Summary - Creating marketing copy
A tutorial in preparing a marketing pitch that works! Simple tips and hints to assist you in making the most of words in advertising:

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/ articles2/marketing-copy.htm

Summary - Anti-fraud strategies for merchants (updated).
Holidays are here and so is the increased incidence of credit card fraud. Minimize the damage and stress from fraudsters by applying some simple strategies..

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/ articles2/card-fraud-strategies.htm 

Summary - Autoresponder Software - Mailing List Managers.
Marketing via email is still one of the top sales boosting strategies. Our beginners guide includes introductory info on autoresponders and details of all-in-one autoresponder/mailing list manager software solutions. 

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/ tools/autoresponder-software.htm 

Summary - Free web site content - where to find and promote it.
Regularly updating your web site content guarantees repeat visits; but it can be difficult keeping up the creative flow. Or maybe you have content you wish to give away to webmasters, but don't know where to promote it? I caught up with Mark Wickman to talk about his site, FreeSticky.com, which has been providing webmasters with a free/low-cost content directory since 1998.

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/ articles2/free-web-content.htm 

That's about it for this edition of our ezine. We appreciate your feedback and ideas so be sure to drop us a line if there's a subject you would like to see us cover or another feature that you would like to see on our site!


Michael Bloch 
Taming the Beast - Established 1995
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