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January 11 2002

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Taming the Beast Ezine - January 11 2002


- A note from Michael and Kathy

- TTB Associate Spotlight

1. New free services on Taming the Beast.net

2. Article Summary - Title Tag Guidelines (revised)

3. Article Summary - Internet/Ecommerce statistics

4. Article summary - Credit Card Fraud Strategies 

5. From the archives - Back button blues

- Closing Notes, subscription and contact details

January 11 2002

Greetings All,

The first issue for 2002! Taming the Beast.net is one year old this month, previously it was known as Taming the Beast Online, hosted on free server space. How times have changed...... at that time, Taming the Beast only occupied a few megabytes of server space. Now the Taming the Beast network occupies over a hundred megabytes!

Kathy and I hope that you all survived New Year's relatively unscathed and emerged fighting fit to take on this brave new world we seem to be living in. We're seeing increasing T.V commercials lately regarding home appliances that you control via your mobile phone and the Internet - call me old fashioned, but dammit, my fridge being smarter than me is a concept I find disturbing. But then again, several people have suggested that our 1974 Kelvinator has a higher I.Q than yours truly!

In this week's ezine, we review another set of new services available on Taming the Beast.net - focusing on our brand new user community. Our new articles for the last fortnight deal with credit card fraud from the merchant's perspective and a revised tutorial on optimising title tags for higher search engine rankings.

This week's "From the Archives" article deals with "clever" web designers who think disabling back button functionality is a great marketing tool.

Many articles are available from our site, free for reproduction on your web site or ezine. Subjects covered include Web Design, Internet Promotion and Marketing, Security and of a general cyberspace related theme. The article index can be viewed at:

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/ articles/articlemain.htm 

Please forward this newsletter on to those who you feel may be interested in the subjects discussed. Unsubscribe details at the end of the newsletter.


Need a site developed? Want to boost your search engine rankings? Don't have the time to do it yourself? Review the many consultancy services offered by Taming the Beast:


Michael and Kathy


TTB Associate Spotlight

Pegaweb Graphics & Web Design

From the site owner, Daniel Piechnick

"...This site features information on graphic and web design. You'll need a copy of Adobe PhotoShop or a similar graphic design program, such as Paint Shop Pro.

The information on this site (e.g. tutorials, articles and tips) is some of what I've learned about graphic and web design through experience. I hope it helps you with your web page :)..."


Want to be listed in our Associate Spotlight? Just drop me a line!


1. New services on Taming the Beast.net


One year ago, I thought it would be a great idea to have a forum. At that stage, we were still hosted on free space - so it meant using a free, remotely hosted service through Everyone.net. It served its purpose in a way, the forum was shared out to around 50 other sites around the world, but there wasn't much interactivity. We're hoping that will change with the new locally hosted user community.

Released today, BeastBoard is a project designed to act as a networking point for visitors to our site. If you have questions regarding web design, development or promotion, we invite you to post your queries on the board. From newbies to seasoned professionals, all are welcome and membership is free. We also hope that the more experienced readers will contribute to the community by sharing their knowledge. This is a great opportunity for us to get to know some of you a bit better and for you to become a foundation member of what will be a busy section of our site!

Please take the time to review the board, register and tell us what you think via the category called "Taming the Beast Bar and Grill", which is the members only general chat area. You can view the community at:

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/cgi-bin/ ikonboard/ikonboard.cgi 

Some of the features:

- Sleeker design 
- Encrypted Passwords for greater security 
- Full unrestricted use of the board without cookies 
- Comprehensive User Control Panel 
- Preset and personal avatars 
- Ability to block avatars, signatures and board images (good for slow connections) 
- Personal Messenger complete with address books 
- Printable versions of topics 
- Member override of default sorting order and limits 
- Track topics via email or in the user control pane 
- Post buttons to make posting code easier 
- Full, searchable help system 
- Member lists 
- Viewable profiles 
- Email addresses hidden - to protect from 'spam bots' 
- Polls and surveys 
- Board calendar 

BeastBoard is based on a freeware package called IkonBoard, available from http://www.ikonboard.com. It's highly configurable and we are looking forward to adapting to suit Taming the Beast, based on your feedback.

See you on the Board!

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/cgi-bin/ ikonboard/ikonboard.cgi 


Another item we've said goodbye to is the old FrontPage search component and replaced it with a Fluid Dynamics Search Engine. This is another freeware/shareware package available from http://www.xav.com . It returns fast, accurate results and we hope you find it suited to your needs. 


As mentioned in last fortnight's ezine, Taming the Beast classifieds is a currently free service for web developers. You can submit advertisements for internet development (and cell phone) goods and services at no charge. Your ads will stay active for 28 days and you are more than welcome to re-post them after that time. Take advantage of this free service here:

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/cgi-bin/ classifieds/index.cgi 

We are also offering other advertising services, including excellent exposure for your company through our locally hosted banner serving software. Advertisers will have their own real-time statistics area to track the progress of their campaign. To view all our advertising services:

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/ admin/fee-free-advertising.htm 


2. Article summary - Title Tag Guidelines (revised)

Most of us on our home page tend to place "Welcome to www.whateverourwebsitenameis.com" as the TITLE tag text.

This is not a good practice, especially if your site name is not relevant to your subject area. Many search engines use the title tag as an important part of relevancy and therefore ranking.

View the article:

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/ articles/titletag.htm 


3. Article summary - Credit Card Fraud Costs and Statistics 

- from the Ecommerce Merchant perspective -

If online credit card fraud scares consumers, then it absolutely terrifies merchants! Fraudelent credit card transactions are costing Internet merchants many millions of dollars annually. After a discussion with a major Internet retailer, I learned just how widespread this problem is.......

View the article:

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/ articles2/credit-card-fraud.htm 


4. Article summary - Credit Card Fraud Strategies 

Protecting your online business from fraud... 

One of the great things about the Internet is anonymity. One of the worst things about the Internet is anonymity - especially for etailers. If you utilise real-time third-party processors or are considering doing so, it is important to ask the processor about their pre-screening procedures (this precedes actual credit card payment processing). Some offer none at all!

View the article:

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/ articles2/card-fraud-strategies.htm 


5. From the archives - Back Button Blues 

Back Off! 

You're out cruising the 'net and decide to try a link on a page that may be of some interest. The link takes you to another site, and after you have finished taking a peek around, you decide to start heading back to the previous site.

You click your way back through the pages and suddenly....

You're trapped!

The "back" button has mysteriously been greyed out; resistance is futile -there is no escape. Muttering ancient verse under your breath you actually have to move your mouse pointer down to the "Home" button, or type an address in the address bar (which we all know is horribly labour intensive and not at all dignified) to escape the rabid page. 

Welcome to the world of "Back Off". Now, perhaps web designers think this is an excellent way to hold people on their site, but it seems to me to be just another annoying trick - and while you may keep the visitor on your site for a few extra seconds to see that banner ad that you're really proud of and believe will make you a million dollars from; you may not see that visitor ever again.

No visitors = waste of space, waste of time, waste of money...

And from the other end of the formula, I ask the web masters - would you want to link to a site that refused in allowing your visitors to return in the normal fashion? If your site contains a number of exterior links as mine does, the safest bet is to set all links to open in a new window if you aren't able to monitor all your link partners on a regular basis.

The point of a web site is to entice and interest, not to make visitors feel that they are stepping on to a rabbit trap......

Michael Bloch 
Tutorials, web content and tools, software and community.
Web Marketing, eCommerce & Development solutions. 

Copyright information....If you wish to reproduce this article, please acknowledge "Taming the Beast" by including a hyperlink reference to the website (http://www.tamingthebeast.net) & send me an email letting me know. The article must be reproduced in it's entirety & this copyright statement must be included. Thanks. Visit www.tamingthebeast.net to view other great articles FREE for reproduction!

Well, that's all for this Taming the Beast update. We are very open to feedback, so please don't hesitate in contacting us.

We look forward to seeing you all on BeastBoard:

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/cgi-bin/ ikonboard/ikonboard.cgi 

Regards from Australia

Michael Bloch & Katherine Tyndale
Taming the Beast - Established 1995
Tutorials, web content and tools, software and community
Marketing, eCommerce and Web Development Services

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