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February 9 2002

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- A note from Michael and Kathy


1. Tutorial Summary - Quick-subscribe forms with simple JavaScript

2. Article Summary - What makes a good banner ad network?

3. Article Summary - Making money - pop ups vs. pop unders

4. From the archives - Ebooks - a powerful viral marketing tool.

- Closing Notes, subscription and contact details

February 9 2002

Greetings All,

We hope you are well and that the last couple of weeks has run smoothly for you.

In this week's ezine, we review our articles published during the last fortnight. We're focusing on generating more income from your site in this issue and take a look at viral marketing techniques and strategies, plus some hints and tips in selecting banner ad networks. Start making money from "renting" out your prime advertising space!

We'll also take this opportunity to announce a brand new, unique affiliate program via Taming the Beast that has excellent potential. We are currently experiencing a growth rate of 20 new affiliates a day - so get in quick!

Also published in the last fortnight is a tutorial on using javascript to make user (and web master) friendly quick-subscribe forms - perfect for your web site ezine or other sign-up offers!

This week's "From the Archives" article deals with eBooks - the amazing viral marketing tool which can increase your site traffic and sales!

Many articles are available from our site, free for reproduction on your web site or ezine. Subjects covered include Web Design, Internet Promotion and Marketing, Security and of a general cyberspace related theme. The article index can be viewed at:

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1. Tutorial summary - Quick-subscribe forms with simple JavaScript

Quick subscribe forms can boost your ezine readership and sign-up rate for special offers. Learn some simple tricks you can use to make forms user friendly and to reduce incorrect registrations. Coding supplied!

view the tutorial here:

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/ articles2/subscription-forms.htm 


2. Article summary - What makes a good banner ad network?

Banner advertising payout rates have definitely decreased over the last couple of years, but there is some good news for web masters looking for a flexible and reliable way of selling banner ad space...

View the full article here:



3. Article summary - Making money - pop ups vs. pop unders

Many of the major banner ad agencies now also offer pop ups and pop unders. These alternatives pay more than traditional 468x60 banner ads - usually between US$2 - $4 CPM, but weigh your decision in using pop up ads carefully - you may find that pop unders are a better option. 

View the full article here:



4. From the archives - Introduction to eBook publishing 

Digital Publishing is fast becoming an important sales and marketing tool in electronic business success. Enter the ebook - a key to delivering secure, high quality information products online.

Click here to download a free demo copy of eBook Generator - the #1 ebook creation solution! Create eBooks in minutes!

eBook definition

So what exactly is an ebook? An eBook is an electronic version of a traditional book that can be read by using a computer without being connected to the Internet. Many ebooks can be viewed straight from a floppy disk without needing complex plug-in reader software. Ebooks incorporate text, images, sound and hyperlinks to various sections of the book. The links can also act as a gateway to the Internet to refer to other articles or ebooks. 

eBooks in many cases are HTML documents accompanied by an inbuilt browser which are all compiled into a single executable file. It is basically a packaged offline web site that allows authors a great deal of flexibility in presentation of content. Hyperlinks and internal search engines enhance navigation, allowing the reader to find items of interest quickly and easily. The single executable file option allows both an average sized novel and reader program to be stored on one floppy disk, which cannot be achieved using Adobe's PDF option. 

PDF documents are also considered to be eBooks, but require the installation of a separate reader program, Adobe Acrobat. The stand alone Acrobat reader software is around 12 megabytes installed. The Adobe Ebook reader, while containing excellent features and able to read HTML, PDF and other formats, is a 10 megabyte download! For the purposes of online business, the better bet is a format that is quickly downloaded and does not depend on resource sucking software.

A good eBook allows the reader to print off specific sections and to view the pages in a variety of font sizes, which is an excellent option for the vision impaired. 

The future of ebooks

Up until recently, the ebook concept has been slow in gaining popularity. We were still becoming accustomed to reading non-paper based products. From a practical point of view, it is difficult taking your full tower case and 17 inch monitor onto public transport, and trains tend to be short on power outlets. This is being addressed by the proliferation of notebook computers and hand held devices. Falling prices in hardware are boosting eBook popularity. Dedicated eBook hardware, which usually consists of a tablet, tends to utilise only specific eBook formats (dependant upon the manufacturer), therefore limiting the number of titles available for each product, but soon I am sure will see the multiple file format reader hardware readily available.

From a traditional point of view, we have been conditioned to accept paper based information as being "real" - we are often comfortable most with things that are outdated. A good example of this is the standard 101 keyboard. The layout on the board is actually quite inefficient and an Occupational Health and safety nightmare. The layout is a hangover from the late 1800's when typists had to be slowed down to prevent the steel arms of typewriters from locking up regularly. The QWERTY keyboard is a purposely instituted design flaw, no longer necessary today but still the standard. 

Unlike our Draconian keyboards, people are becoming more comfortable with the concept of reading without turning physical pages. Monitor quality has improved dramatically and we now no longer need to fear brain tumours from staring at a screen.

The cutting edge in online marketing and publishing

Many authors are now turning to ebooks as a way of distributing their works efficiently and economically. Compression methods are improving, which allows for quick downloads and as a downloadable product, distribution and packaging overheads are minimal in comparison to their paper based counterparts.

Create Professional Ebook covers - the first professional Ebook cover generator in the world!  click here for details.

Security in ebooks has also improved, allowing authors to disable copy and paste functions if necessary in an effort to protect their works. Many ebook creation programs also allow for registration keys and time limit restrictions.

There will always be a place for paper based books, but in this frantic world of information delivery - the ebook will become king.

eBooks will play a more important role in eCommerce over the next few years, no matter what the product or service offered by a company is. How can your business benefit from the ebook direction? What ebook creation software should you use? Read the follow-up to this article and get access to a demo copy of free ebook creation software by following this link:

http://www.tamingthebeast.net/ articles/ebooksviralmarketing.htm 

Michael Bloch 
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Well, that's all for this Taming the Beast update. We are very open to feedback, so please don't hesitate in contacting us.

Regards from Australia

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