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Your email address says a lot

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Saturday May 16, 2009 )

Looking for partnerships? Having trouble getting responses? Maybe it’s your email address.

Most of us look to setting up partnerships on the web, whether they be link exchanges or searching for affiliates to promote our products.

First impressions count in business, and that extends to email as well. Even if the copy you use in your partnership canvassing note is rock solid and persuasive, if you’re having trouble with response rates, take a look at the email address you’re using.

Here are the three traps that people often fall into:

Using free email addresses – with the exception of *perhaps* (depending on the sector you’re in), making approaches from a free email service reeks of amateurism. just doesn’t have the credibility clout of

Silly/spammy email addresses – addresses such as might scare a lot of potential partners off as it’s rather scammy. Go for something more professional such as

Wrong email addresses – you’d be surprised how often this happens. I’ve received quite a few partnership proposals where I’ve replied to state I’m interested, only to get a bounce message because the reply-to email address was incorrect. Often these bounces may go undetected.

Along with your email address, the from name is also important. Using a from name such as “Partnerships” makes it appear that your target is one of many and the communication is automated. I tend to use a from name in the format of:

Michael Bloch [Company name]

This way, the recipient can see it’s a business communication, but there’s also a human element.

While these tips are primarily for B2B (business to business) communications, they also apply to B2C (business to customer) email.

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