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Young entrepreneurs

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Friday July 7, 2006 )

Sometimes I start to feel a little bit jaded in my marketing and online business efforts – so many millions of banner ads viewed over the years, so many landing pages, so many products, so much writing.

It’s a bit like being a first time drug user graduating to a hard-core junkie – the buzz of the first hit gets harder to achieve; but you remember what it was like, so you keep trying to regain that feeling :)

Something that I find really sparks me up is when I’m contacted by young entrepreneurs who are trying to make their mark on the online world. I’m not referring to the ones fresh out of university with the marketing degree who have a privileged background – they come across as being carbon copies of their older counterparts; but the young people who are taking their lessons in the School of Hard Knocks – life; the best, but harshest teacher of all.

There’s no pretension about them, none of the textbook cowboy approach or the attitude that the world owes them a living for having spent a few extra years of being institutionalized. They are blank canvasses on which the painting is about to evolve.

They have little knowledge of marketing and usually have very little cash, but a great idea and an overwhelming desire to succeed – and to put the hard yards in order to do so. They have doors slammed shut in their faces every hour, are ignored by those whom they geniunely would appreciate some mentoring from; but they continually get back up, brush themselves off and keep going.

Some of my proudest moments over the years have been assisting the young people I come across in moving towards their goals; whether it’s a few email exchanges, or a longer term informal mentoring arrangement. To see them succeed is a wonderful feeling. Aside from the warm and fuzzy vibes, it also helps to inject some new zest into my own life – I feed off their exuberance :).

If you’re involved with marketing and starting to feel jaded yourself, try and hook up with one of these young entrepreneurs – you’ll get back as much you give.

And to those people I’ve had the privilege of assisting over the years and who are achieving their dream – I salute you!


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