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Yet Another Xmas Sale Email

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Friday December 9, 2011 )

I’ve just deleted what feels to be the eleventy gazillionth Christmas sale email and I think if Santa was standing in front of me right now, I would feel compelled to shoot him.

People know Xmas is coming up. They don’t need to be reminded by every merchant in the world of that fact nor used as an excuse for a sale.

Christmas isn’t a happy time for everyone, so to be reminded of it so often probably contributes to folks going a little loopy this time of the year.

What’s wrong with:

– End of year sale
– See out 2011 with a great deal on X
– 20% off – 2 weeks only
– Free shipping until the end of December
– We’re having a sale because we can!

.. there is no need to mention the word that’s been made pretty filthy through rampant commercialism.

I’m also watching companies pouring valuable resources into email Xmas cards or card videos.

Who has time to click on a link and wait for a video to load – all for a 10 second flash animation complete with Xmas carol theme music.

Do folks look at these things and say “aaaaaaw, wasn’t that so nice of Merchant X to make this just for us”?

I don’t know, maybe they do. I tend to think of such things as a half minute of my life I’ll never get back and perhaps I should invoice the merchant for it.

If you must send something, a simple “thank you for your business/support/whatever this year” message will suffice; particularly if you want to add a sales message. Nothing makes me feel like puking more than the whole Christian vibe and imagery accompanied by a “BUY NOW!” screaming at me.

Ease up on the Xmas folks. We know it happens December 25 every year; it’s probably one of the first dates we memorize as children.

I’d be happy, no, ecstatic, to see the freaking day banned… and no, it wouldn’t stop people from buying stuff; they would purchase more throughout the year instead.

While I know many of us are out here to make money, I think there would also be benefits to be had through people not carrying so much of the debt that is often accumulated at this time of the year. After all, we don’t make any money on the interest banks charge on it – and that is money that people could be spending differently.


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