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Yahoo testing Bing results

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday July 22, 2010 )

Noticed any change in your Yahoo traffic over the last couple of days? Bing’s moving in.

Yahoo has announced it has started testing Bing supplied organic and paid search results for up to a quarter of Yahoo’s U.S. search traffic.

Yahoo says it will also be integrating Microsoft’s mobile organic and paid search listings over the next couple of months. Yahoo anticipates that its U.S. and Canada organic search listings for both desktop and mobile be fully powered by Bing beginning in the August/September timeframe, and paid search in October. No mention was made about rollouts in other countries.

According to ComScore’s June search engine rankings, Google Sites had 62.6% U.S. market share, Yahoo! Sites 18.9% and Microsoft sites 12.7%. So, on the assumption those figures hold, by August/September, Bing search results will be catering to over 31% of the market – and that is nothing to sneeze at. Google is and will likely always be the biggest game in town SEO-wise, but it certainly won’t be the only one.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, the Bing/Yahoo! alliance will be mixed blessings for site owners. Those who struggle in Google might experience new found fortune if they rank well on Bing, but for those who rely on Yahoo! and don’t have a strong presence in Bing are in for a white knuckle ride.

It’s probably a very good time to sign up for Bing webmaster tools to submit your sites and XML-based Sitemaps to Bing, view information on which pages of your site have been indexed, backlinks, inbound links and keyword performance.

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