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Xmas Isn’t The Only Show In Town

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday December 20, 2012 )

I’ve mentioned a number of times over the years that merchants don’t need to be sheep and load their sites up with Christmas symbolism to benefit from the loosened purse-strings of the holiday season. Here’s an amusing example.

I was sent the image below earlier today – unfortunately, I don’t have any background on it as I’d love to contact the business and congratulate them.

clearance sale

I’m assuming the billboard is referencing the end of the Mayan calendar; an event that some believe will see the end of human life on this planet on December 21… and after the leadup to Xmas this year, I’m not convinced that would be such a bad thing.

After a month of having to swallow sales messages drenched in Xmas vomit; this was just such a refreshing change. I hope the merchant did very well from it; they deserve it.

Well, the horrid day is almost upon us – but that means we all have 12 months to rethink holiday marketing. While the Xmas concept is a low hanging fruit, it should be a forbidden one as it’s rotten.

I have noticed an increase in the number of merchants referring to “holidays” instead of “Xmas” and I hope it is a trend that will continue because the main event has been screwed beyond redemption.

Excuse me if I don’t wish you a Merry Xmas – but I do wish you all a safe, peaceful holiday if you’re fortunate enough to have one and a happy and prosperous New Year.


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