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Xmas email greetings tips

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday December 16, 2008 )

Before you send out that obligatory Xmas greetings email to your customers and subscribers, which usually will contain some sort of marketing spiel, here’s a few quick tips you should perhaps keep in mind.

You’re not the only one

I’m getting on average around 20 emails full of Christmas cheer daily at the moment – all of them the pretty much the same, the obligatory “wishing you a coolez Christmas, buy this”. The subject lines are pretty similar too.. Xmas greetings, wishing you a merry Christmas, Best wishes for the holiday season. It’s going to be hard for your message to stand out from the pack. I suggest something simple, such as:

(first name) – thank you

On a recent campaign I ran, I used that simple subject line and open rates were even higher than the weekly newsletter, which always achieves quite high open rates. If that subject line seems too simple for you; at least try to be different.

Mixing religion and sales is risky

There’s still a lot of people who observe the religious aspects of Christmas and can be quite offended by the rampant commercial nature of the day. Some people me..cough just plain hate the day for other reasons.

I tend to avoid using the term Xmas or Christmas in order not to offend these people. It’s easy to do – instead of “wishing you a Merry Christmas”, I say things like, “We wish you safe and peaceful holiday season”. Nice, safe terms. Likewise a Christmas sale can be an end of year sale.

Be sincere

So many xmas emails I get seem to be in a hurry to get past the bonhomie bits (nothing to do with rap – it simply means goodwill) and straight into “buy this”. Again, this can offend some people, particularly if your subject line alludes to a message of warm and fuzzies. At least spend a few lines explaining why you appreciate your customers. Just make things a little more sincere before you launch into your sales spiel.


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