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Women – $5 trillion market

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday March 21, 2006 )

$5 trillion dollars is a lot of cash, even by Mr. Gates’ standards. Women online are increasingly becoming an force to be reckoned with in the world of ecommerce. They are heavily involved with a variety of purchases – and not just female oriented or “domestic” products; but goods and services which in generations past were the exclusive realm of men.

If you think that women may not be involved with the purchase, for example, of a tool kit – you may find yourself sadly mistaken :). Quite often when I’m at my local hardware store, I see couples debating the virtues of various power tools. Personally, I never buy anything with high ticket price without first consulting with “the boss”. :)

Back to the web – an article on USA Today, quoting Nielsen Netratings, states that women now constitute 52% of Web users and the amount of time the average female surfer spent online grew 6% last year to an average of 58 hours a month. Men still spend the most time online per month, 67 hours, but that figure only grew by 1% in the past year.

The girls are catching up to us dudes and ain’t it wonderful! The days of the Internet being the bastion of the male were a little boring – it was generally like hanging out in a garage at times; kicking tires, spinning tales and spitting ‘baccy.

The USA Today article details a few strategies that big companies are spending big bucks on to attract female dollars; but I’m yet to see similar budget online campaigns targeting women in relation to the purchase of vehicles, or heck, even software applications. That I’d like to see :).

I published an article in 2004 relating to marketing women on the web; while the stats may be a little outdated, there’s still valid information applicable to marketing to today’s online woman. Check it out if you’re interested in making your online business more female-friendly.


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