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Women on the web

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday February 12, 2008 )

Guys, we’re outnumbered – and have been for some time. It was last year that women crossed the 50% mark of online users; but looking around the web you wouldn’t really given the way we market.

Take web hosting for example. Some companies have used scantily clad, well endowed women to promote their services – it’s an odd association. It seems to work and I’m guessing it mainly works on men as that wouldn’t appeal to most women; and increasing numbers of women own and operate web sites. These approaches can alienate that group.

Just a few tweaks to that approach though and everything changes – an attractive female in a position of power or who is highly successful for something other than what nature provided her in physical access seems to me to hit more of a middle ground. Easy on the eye for the guys, an inspiration for the ladies. It’s a little shallow I guess, but marketing is as much about appealing to the shallow side of the human condition as it is about anything else.

Anyhow, what are women doing online these days?

Adage studied various surveys and here’s some of what they came up with:

– Women are more likely than men to turn to health care web sites

– Women make up 51% of the casual gaming audience

– 3% of women blog daily

– 8% visit blogs

– Over 54% of women shopped online in the first half of 2007

– Women aged 45 to 54 are most likely to make impulse online shopping purchases

– Most popular purchases were travel, adult clothing, health and beauty, childrens clothing, financial products and clothes.

– Women are increasingly getting into online video with 43% having visited a video service such as YouTube this year vs. 27% last year.

All interesting snippets – but what do women want to see on web sites i.e.; how should they be presented? I published an article that touched on the subject a few years back and the tips I feel are still relevant; check it out here.


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