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Women outnumber men online

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday April 12, 2007 )

It’s happened, we mere males are now a minority online. The female representation of the total USA online population is currently being quoted as being anywhere from 53% to 50.6%

According to research from Emarketer, it’s been this way for a while. Women’s usage of the Internet is up 12.4% since 2000, whereas male usage is up 3.2 points. Emarketer also states that during 2007, just over 66.2% of US females over the age of 3 will use the Internet at least monthly, compared with 64.2%.

Emarketer estimates that by 2011, a tad over 72% of females are expect to be regular citizens of the online world, compared to 69.3% of males.

Even with the majority of USA online users being female, it’s still very much a male world when it comes to how we market and probably to the detriment of sales given that the scales are increasingly tipping in the other direction.

Busty blondes with spanners don’t appeal to most of the female market, nor does an alluring brunette help convince the ladies that a particular piece of software is the answer to their business needs.

The increasing presence of women online is certainly something to be mindful of in your own promotions, especially visual elements. I published a couple of articles in years gone by about marketing to women online and while I believe most of what I wrote still remains relevant; perhaps some of TTB’s female readers might like to expand on those points or add some new tips? What irks you about the way that products and services marketed? What appeals to you? I’d love to read your ideas and views!

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