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White paper delivery tip

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Saturday January 19, 2008 )

White papers are a powerful, yet subtle form of marketing – good ones are anyway. If you offer white papers from your site, here’s a quick tip that can get you better results.

Good white papers are rich in information on a particular topic, the sort of stuff that not only helps to convey to a prospective customer you know your industry, but statistics and snippets contained within are often used by others in articles and blog posts – it’s great stuff if they link back to you or mention your site.

I was writing up a blog post the other day and really needed a piece of information that was only obtainable by registering for a white paper from the company’s site. I entered my basic details and email address; which I certainly don’t mind providing in order to get this sort of info. The next screen said the white paper would be emailed me immediately.

10 minutes later. nothing.
30 minutes later. nothing
1 hour later. nothing.

Where the problem was, whether it was my end or their end, I don’t know and it doesn’t matter. I couldn’t wait any longer, so I searched around a little more and found another company that was offering the statistics I wanted. That company was the one that wound up with the acknowledgement link.

Professional bloggers (I don’t count myself as one) and journalists are often running on tight schedules and seem to leave a lot to the last minute. I usually find when I get requests from journalists for interviews or research material, they always want it yesterday :).

So, back to the white paper incident – if you’re offering information in this format, provide a download link after you’ve grabbed the person’s info. By all means email it too, but that download link on the post-submission page is really important if you want to make the most of the effort you’ve put into developing your white papers. This is not only beneficial for the press coverage, but to potential clients too. The point of submission is when curiosity is at a peak; it just doesn’t make sense then to make them wait and possibly lose that moment.

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