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Welcome emails – super marketing tools

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Saturday October 23, 2010 )

I must admit I don’t put a lot of effort into the automated emails that follow a subscription; i.e. the “welcome” email.. but after reading a recent report, I think I’ll go back and redo them all.

I usually just do the standard “welcome to the list”, along with a couple of links to pages of interest on whatever site I’m working on with, along the usual exhortations to “buy” and “contact us”.. not exactly bleeding edge stuff.

However, a recent report from CheetahMail says that welcome emails have transaction rates nine times higher than bulk mailings! Them’s impressive figures.

Other key findings:

– Revenue per email is eight times higher.

– Open rates are four times higher than other forms of bulk emailing

– Click rates are five times higher

– Real-time welcomes; i.e. having the welcome email sent as soon as the subscription or subscription confirmation process is completed, generate more than double the transaction rates and revenue per mail compared with real-time welcomes that don’t have any special sort of offer.

CheetahMail says the welcome emails offering the best bang for buck are those that have a free shipping offer, or a discount – they even put an optimum figure on the latter; being 15%.

It seems that including social media links is also a good idea – with welcome emails containing those averaging a 6% higher click rate.

So there you have it – and it’s not like optimizing a welcome email is an expensive or particularly time-consuming thing to do.. it could be a nice little weekend task that may considerably increase your online sales. The thing I love about these sorts of tweaks is once you’ve tinkered a bit, it’s out there working for your online business 24/7.


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