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Virtual goods as incentives

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Saturday September 25, 2010 )

I’m not a fan of social games like Farmville and such, but a lot of folks are into them in a big way. Soon online retailers will be able to tap into this demographic by offering bonus virtual goods with purchases and other consumer actions.

ifeelgoods is a new merchant service that substitutes traditional retail incentives such as a discount coupon with a virtual incentive from social games. So instead of offering a $5 coupon with a 50 dollar sale, a merchant could offer credits to a social game a shopper plays or a specific virtual tool, weapon or whatever.

It appears virtual goods are highly sought after among the hundreds of millions of people who play these games.

According to information on the Ifeelgoods site, 40% of all the time spent on Facebook is social gaming and overall virtual goods are expected to account for over $1.6 billion in 2010.

These social games aren’t just the realm of young ‘uns either; it seems 55% of social gamers are women and average 43 years old.

Interesting stuff – while I assume many folks would prefer a discount; I guess if virtual goods were offered as a choice, or exclusively coupled with a campaign to target those users, it would be an interesting experiment.

ifeelgoods says it will partner with leading publishers of social games to make their virtual goods and virtual currencies available and will offer a hosted solution that manages a retailers’ virtual goods promotion offers, redemption and customer service.

Learn more about ifeelgoods here


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