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In-stream video advertising survey

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Saturday January 26, 2008 )

In-stream video advertising appears to be a tricky business according to some recent research from Burst Media.

Video is certainly gaining popularity, with seven out of ten of those recently surveyed by Burst media reporting viewing video content, and nearly 34% of males watching online video once or day or more. What’s also pretty clear is that people don’t like ads during their viewing experience.

The Burst survey found just over half stop watching an online video once they hit an in-stream (pre, mid, post-roll) advertisement. 15.3% of respondents reported they leave the site once they encounter an in-stream ad and nearly half say the presence of in-stream advertising in online video content makes them less likely to view other video content they may encounter online.

I can identify with this. I just ran a test on a news service I frequent and clicked on a video news item. From the time of the click to the end of the pre-roll ad was 45 seconds, followed by 1 minute of the actual news item. I could have read it faster than 45 seconds and I find I do increasingly avoid these newsclip videos in favor of text articles for this reason.

To put this into context, it’s like having 10.5 minutes of commercials every 15 minutes of TV viewing – and even free-to-air TV isn’t that bad :). I think people are more likely to be tolerant of pre-roll ads if the clip they are watching is of substantial length; i.e, it makes the interruption worth their while.

Additionally, the survey found one-third of respondents stated they pay less attention to in-stream video advertisements than they do to standard ad units on the page; and 36.1% say they pay neither more nor less attention.

Read more of the Burst Media Online Video Survey.


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