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Ads in video – done right

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday July 3, 2007 )

Advertising in online videos such as those posted to YouTube, MySpace etc has been somewhat of a holy grail for marketers, but it looks like Google(?) has nailed it.

It’s been called “in-stream” video by Inside AdSense and publishers will be able to define at what point the ads will appear. So is it a case of “we interrupt your viewing to bring you this announcement” type scenario? Doesn’t appear to be – it’s quite well implemented. This video, courtesy of Mark Wielgus of 45N5 demonstrates it nicely.

The ad is quite unobstrusive; it gives the viewer a great deal of control over whether and when they see the full ad and the teaser can also be minimized. If the viewer chooses to play the full ad, progress of the “real” video they were watching pauses until they close the advertisement – and it’s all handled within a single instance of the player.

As to how publishers will be able to incorporate this form of AdSense into videos remains a mystery and I guess it poses all sorts of questions about relevancy and potential copyright problems. Google has been running a closed beta test of Adsense for Video since late May.

On the relevancy side of things, Google already has some competition from a London company, blinkx, who recently announced the launch of blinkAdHoc, which claims to be the first contextually relevant video advertising platform. It uses speech-to-text transcription and visual analysis technology to categorize video content to assist in ad targeting.

Interesting times ahead in the world of advertising in videos!

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