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Video Abandonment

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday February 26, 2013 )

If there’s one thing I hate more than pre-roll ads on videos; it’s when the video clip I actually want to see doesn’t load after the ad.

There are some video services I just avoid altogether – everyone loses.

A recent study shows 18% of online video viewers worldwide had abandoned live videos before they began, compared to only 6% for short-form video-on-demand. The reason? Too slow to load.

I think those figures are very low, but I guess it depends on the slice of users you look at. I would have reviewed the full report for further details; but after submitting my details to download it, the email containing the link to the report still hadn’t come through.

(side tip: if you make users register for a report, give them instant access; don’t rely on email to deliver it or provide a link to it).

I believe it’s still really important for online merchants not to rely solely on video for relaying any sort of important information. There are still many of us who have comparatively slow or spotty connections – and yes, we spend a shedload of money online as well. Never equate bandwidth capabilties with potential spend.

Even among those with a fast connection, some prefer text – the reason being; control. Text provides better control over the review of information. We can skim through an article to get to what we want to know – with video, that can be a lot harder to do.

I’m certainly viewing a lot more video than I used to, but even if we all had super-fast connections, it should never take the place of text as the primary communications medium for some things, e.g product descriptions. Even in marketing campaigns, a heavy reliance on video could alienate many potential customers.

Aside from all that, one other very important reason to ensure video is accompanied by text – Search Engine Optimization.


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