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Twitter search SEO?

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Sunday May 3, 2009 )

Twitter’s new search function has been rolled out throughout the Twitter network – so are there SEO opportunities for ranking no.1 for a particular search?

Every public update sent to Twitter from anywhere in the world is now instantly indexed and made available via their real-time search. “Instant” and “real-time” aren’t exaggerations – I searched for an item I posted within a few seconds after I published the tweet and there it was.

With Twitter becoming so popular so quickly, the search function could drive a bit of traffic to a site or profile.

At this point in time, there doesn’t look to be too many opportunities for optimizing for Twitter’s search function. It seems to work purely on descending order in terms of posting time. I ran a variety of searches and the only other thing I notice was I didn’t come across any entries from people who have no followers.

While there’s no apparent “white hat” way to optimize for Twitter search aside from of course ensuring that your target keywords are in your tweet; there are quite a few black hat strategies that I see some are already starting to use. As simple as they are, I won’t detail those tricks here for obvious reasons. It should be pretty easy for Twitter to pick up on and rectify the issue – they’ll want to do so soon otherwise their new search is going to wind up being a spamfest.


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