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Twitter launches one-click follow button

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Saturday June 4, 2011 )

Twitter has now made it easier to follow another Twitter user with the launch of a one click follow feature for web sites.

Like the recently launched Google +1 Button, the Twitter follow button is very easy to implement – just copy and paste a couple of lines of code, and if you’re already signed in to Twitter, going to the follow button generator page you’ll notice it’s basically ready to go without needing further customization.

Sure, it only cuts out a single click, but it also means the person stays on your site. I implemented the new follow button on one of my sites directly under the Facebook “like” button and noticed an uptick in new followers pretty much immediately.

It’s a great investment of time considering it’s so quick to implement and bearing in mind that if a new follower you may not have otherwise grabbed has a bunch of their own followers, this can translate to a healthy jump in traffic over a period of time.

While on the topic of Twitter, a recent survey by InboxQ has found 59% of respondents stated they were more likely to follow a business on Twitter that answered their questions and 64% of those surveyed said they were more likely to buy from a business that answered their tweeted question.

Increasingly, businesses are answering tweeted questions and are actively seeking out questions to respond to – InboxQ says 41% of high follower accounts and 21% of low follower accounts have received answers from businesses.

If you haven’t already established a Twitter presence, it’s really worthwhile considering; even if you don’t intend using it as a two-way communication tool. Maintaining a Twitter account doesn’t have to eat into your time in a big way. I tend to just post links to new articles I’ve published or special offers and that’s about it; but even that 1 minute of work; actually, usually less than a minute, always translates into additional traffic and attracts new followers.


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