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Articles you may have missed

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Monday October 20, 2008 )

In case you only keep up to date on what’s new on TTB via the RSS feed, here’s a listing of ecommerce and marketing articles that have been published or updated on the main site in recent months:

Stock images and photos
Photo usage tips plus high quality, legal royalty free stock image resources where you’ll pay as little as a dollar per image.

Spam filter testing
Help avoid having your messages dumped into bulk folders with these spam filter testing tips.

Buying email lists and leads
If you’re thinking about buying email list or sales lead data; beware the traps.

Web site builder review
A great alternative to Microsoft FrontPage or for those who prefer WYSIWYG editors, but don’t want to pay Dreamweaver type prices.

Asking for interviews
Gaining interview with industry authorities can help generate a stack of traffic to your site

Reputation monitoring
All publicity is good publicity? Wrong. Tips and tools for online reputation monitoring and management.

Using testimonials and reviews
A powerful marketing tool that can turn jumpy browsers into buyers.

Getting your products and services reviewed
How do you grab the attention of industry resource sites? Here’s some tips.

Using coupons
Coupons are a great way for online merchants to increase their sales. Learn more about incorporating coupons into your marketing strategy.

Super affiliates – just how super?
The self-styled affiliate marketing gurus and their earnings claims – they might not be all they appear to be and in some cases, just a pack of lies.

Instigating chargebacks
Receiving chargebacks are a pain in the butt, but there are times when you may have to instigate a chargeback against another merchant.

Preventing and challenging chargebacks
What you need to know about minimizing and dealing with chargebacks

Images and email marketingImages in email marketing blurbs can be a great way to improve response rates – if used correctly. Grab some handy tips.

Sending large files
Friends don’t send friends large attachments. There’s better methods of file delivery and transfer – pick up some tips and tools


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