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Over 1 Trillion Emails Sent In 2010

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Saturday January 15, 2011 )

Email isn’t dead, nor even dying, or even slightly unwell… unless you consider the proportion of spam to be an ailment. No wonder merchants have challenges in attracting the attention of email users.

According to a 2010 statistics roundup from Pingdom, in 2010, 107 trillion emails were sent – an average of 294 billion emails a day.

The number of email users last year came to a whopping 1.88 billion; that’s nearly a quarter of the world’s current population. The number grew around 480 million last year. Between all those people, there are around 2.9 billion email accounts and 25% of those are corporate.

However, there was a lot of spam in all that email – just over 89%! The thing I find particularly frustrating is that according to SpamHaus, up to 80% of spam targeted at Internet users in North America and Europe is generated by just 100 known professional spam gangs

But the spammers can’t do it all on their own – ISP’s play their role as well, either accidentally or with full knowledge.

SpamHaus also says much of the spam problem is due a small number of large Internet Service Providers knowingly providing service to professional spammers for profit, or do nothing to prevent spammers operating from their networks.

Not immune to complicity, albeit usually accidentally, are we web site owners who offer spammers conduits via insecure sites and applications.

The level of spam isn’t just frustrating for users, it’s made the task of communicating with customers and subscribers an even harder one for online merchants who not only have to try and get legitimate communications past spam filters, but then also stand out in what are increasingly cluttered inboxes.

Even with the challenges of spam, there’s still nothing quite like email marketing (done right) in terms of return on investment – many of us know this.. and so do the spammers.


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