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Trial click to call free

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Saturday March 3, 2007 )

Last year I wrote about click to call – technology that allows a potential customer to click on a button which then initiates a phone call to the merchant.

In my article of January 2006 about click to call, there weren’t all that many players at the time and it was mainly targeted to bigger merchants. It was also quite pricey.

I haven’t checked back on developments in this area recently, but I received an email from Jaduka today offering a free trial click-to-call account which includes 60 minutes of talk time. If you’re interested in trialing this, here’s the link.

According to the blurb:

Jaduka’s Click and Connect allows web developers to trigger a regular telephone call from virtually any Internet connection. By simply clicking a button on a web page, email, egreeting or other HTML document, users can instantly communicate via phone.

Jaduka’s site also points out that the functionality can even be embedded in PDF documents.

It appears to be very easy to set up – you just specify your phone number, customize the button, then embed the code on your web site. A visitor clicks the button, enters a phone number; their phone and your phone rings and you’re connected.

If you find the service to be of value, Jaduka offers a few different premium packages ranging from $4.00 for 60 minute talk time to $33.99 for 600 minutes. Given that phone contact can greatly improve the chances of a sales conversion, click to call could prove to be a beneficial and economical marketing strategy for your online business.

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