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Thank you page marketing

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday February 1, 2007 )

A few days ago I published an article on some creative uses of our tell a friend scripts. Among the ideas was to put it on a “thank you” page after subscription confirmations or sales.

These pages are often ignored as a marketing tool, but does making an offer on a thank you page really work? According to these statistics, it certainly does.

Ann Holland from Marketing Sherpa (aff) recently collected some statistics on the thank you page for their email newsletter that features opt-in offers for other newsletter titles.

Ann found that 39% of all those who view the thank-you page wound up accepting another offer. An interesting point is this figure hasn’t changed much in 6 years. It’s a winner for Marketing Sherpa, so why not give it a try yourself?

If you don’t have other newsletter offers, you can try the tell-a-friend script or perhaps offer a discount coupon of a next sale, a white-paper or a report – all great viral marketing mediums. Treat the page as you would a landing page.

If a person has made a purchase from you or subscribed to a newsletter, they are displaying a genuine interest in what your site and company offers; so at that point they are quite receptive to other suggestions; especially if it’s free :).


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