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Text ads trump video

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday October 7, 2008 )

A study of 14,000 users to leading media sites during the month of August 2008 has revealed some interesting results about the types of ad media that people are most often clicking on.

While video ads appear to be all the rage among advertisers, only 11% of those surveyed in the iPerceptions study actually click on them. In fact, they seem to only have popularity with the under 25’s; however this group does make up 33% of the online audience.

Consumers are far more likely to click on text ads (25%). 20% are liely to click on right banners and 12% on top banners.

So it’s a bit of good news in these tough times if you were contemplating having to spend big bucks on video ads – it seems it’s just not necessary.

iPerceptions also found 40% of consumers likely to click on any ad make under $50K a year – and only 15% make over $150K.

65% of consumers likely to click on online ads are weekly or daily browsers, and only 15% are first-time visitors and 6% are sporadic visitors. So it would appear sticky sites get the better ad revenue.


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