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Survey: email marketing & mobile devices

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday January 19, 2011 )

Email on mobile devices has moved out of the realm of ultrageeks and early adopters and is now well and truly mainstream. It’s something that online retailers should bear in mind in terms of their email marketing campaigns.

According to a survey by Knotice, 20% of marketing e-mails a retailer sends are now viewed on a mobile device. 1 in 5 is not a figure to disregard.

Based on a sample of over 155 million emails sent relating to a dozen industry segments in the last quarter of 2010, retail had the highest percentage of mobile e-mail readers.

Knotice says iPhone users are the folks most likely read emails on their devices – 11.99%. Next was the iPad at 3.73% and also 3.73% on a devices using the Android operating system.

Knotice points out that while the iPhone is the most popular device right now, the mobile landscape is shifting quickly and it’s difficult to predict how market share will stack up in even six or 12 months, or how people’s use of mobile devices will change.

Knotice says they also found two noticeable spikes in regard to the time of day when an email was most likely to be opened on a mobile device – early in the morning and late in the evening; with the morning being the most active time.

So, on top of testing your email marketing campaigns against various desktop email readers and online services such as Gmail, Yahoo! and Hotmail, you might want also want to view it on an iPhone to see how your communication looks before you do your live mailout.

You can read more of the Knotice mobile email study here.


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