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Conversions – power of suggestion

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday April 2, 2008 )

As much as we feel we are individuals not easily swayed by other’s opinions, particularly those of darn pesky marketers; it is quite easy to influence people to make a particular purchase choice in many instances. With these very simple tips, you can boost revenue for subscription based services or donations pretty much immediately.

Here’s how it works…. and the beauty of this is there’s minimal work involved.

Let’s say you’re running a subscription service with monthly, quarterly and yearly subscription levels. On the order form page, pre-select the yearly subscription offer for the customer instead of having none selected. Assuming there’s even a small price break as an incentive (make sure you mention this next to the option e.g. “Save $10!”), you’ll probably find a substantial increase in yearly subscriptions very quickly.

It’s just a gentle nudge that will push customers who weren’t totally settled on a subscription term towards a particular result. It also helps highlight the fact that there is a saving by taking out a longer subscription, something they may have not realized or glossed over.

With donations, instead of just leaving it up to the donor to decide an amount to contribute; offer various levels, plus “other”. In this scenario, also preselect a donation level – just don’t get too greedy.

Both these strategies are very simple and really do work – I’ve seen subscription strategy work first hand and there’s a good example of results in this case study about the application of it to donations.

The Marketing Experiments report is a lengthy study on increasing conversions using various means and well worth reading in entirety, but just to summarize the donation experiment; where there were defined levels of contributions, it outperformed the user-specified level version in conversion rate (47.3%), donation revenue (152.6%), and revenue per donation (92.6%). That’s pretty huge.

While we may see ourselves as not being sheep, many of us welcome, even if it’s just on the subconscious level, having others make decisions for us.


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  1. Hi Michael, nice info, thank you ery much.

    Comment by Ern — April 4, 2008 @ 1:08 am

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