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Subscription Popups Popular

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday January 22, 2013 )

Like them or loathe them, subscription popups are still popular for collecting email addresses and for good reason.

I remember when popups first started appearing on sites many years ago and the scorn they earned (and rightly so in some cases).

The snubbing also meant that many companies wouldn’t even dream of using them to collect email addresses – and they missed out big time as popups were (and are still) incredibly effective if implemented correctly. That has changed somewhat in recent years.

In fact, we seem to have come full circle with subscription popups – I see many big brands using pop-ups with lightbox type effects that basically grey out the page and you can do nothing until you have dealt with it; which annoys the crap out of me.

I much prefer subscription popups that gracefully slide up from the bottom as they still attract attention, but also don’t interfere with the viewing of the page; nor do they shock the visitor.

Anyhow, as to their current popularity; it appears 22 percent of brands are now using subscription popups on their websites according to Experian Marketing Services.

The majority of marketers are using visit history to determine whether pop-ups should be triggered, with sixty-two percent of marketers reporting only showing a pop-up to new visitors.

Money is being left on the table in these cases. A visitor won’t always provide their email address on the first visit. I tend to set pop-ups to display every 2 weeks. Again, it’s down to how the subscription popup is displayed. Shove it in people’s faces and prevent them from viewing content and even once every two weeks will wear very thin.

The great thing about pop-ups is there are very economical software packages available now with powerful features so you can try many different types with different actions and effects to find out what suits your site best.

Quite a while back I published a brief review of a very good popup software package that I was using at the time – and still continue to use exclusively today. You can also try out my free popup hover ad generator.

If subscription popups really aren’t your cup of tea and you’re looking for other ideas with regard to collecting email address from your site visitors, take a look at Experian Marketing Services’ Email Market Study: Acquisition and engagement tactics; which may provide a little inspiration.


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