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Rebel Against Social Media ‘Rules’

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Monday July 9, 2012 )

Most marketing articles that discuss social media talk about activities such as actively “engaging” customers, “following” others and other such time consuming tasks.

Rules are made to be broken and that applies to social media too.

If you’re a small business person strapped for time, all these rules and “must do’s” of social media must make it seem a little offputting.

There are no social media police. You do not have to follow the rules, aside from those set by the social network.

You do not have to spend a bunch of time on social media activities in order to benefit from it.

Bear in mind that some in some studies or reports you read on social media, the authors have a vested interest in convincing you otherwise.

As someone without much spare time, I approach social media differently. I do not follow anyone on Twitter. I delete idiotic comments on Facebook without fear or favour. I rarely post reply comments via Facebook either; although I will act on issues that are presented via that medium.

Twitter and Facebook to me are broadcast vehicles, nothing more. For some projects I turn comments on Facebook off.

I use these services to talk to (not at) people, but not to talk with them.

It sounds a little snobbish I guess, but the point of it is the less time I spend on posting silly questions or inane observations in order to try and involve people, the more time I have to do things with a little more substance.

The approach works for me. Could I be getting more from social media? Perhaps, but whether the return on investment (time) will be adequate, I seriously doubt it. It would mean also becoming something I’m not, and fakeness is generally not warmly embraced on these networks.

My approach won’t work for everyone – it will greatly depend on how you are targeting; but if you’re someone who would like to dabble in social media but have been put off by the amount of time that appears to be involved, try using it like I do – to broadcast news related to your business and industry; but keep the real content focus on your site; drive people to that. After all, there’s no “buy now” button on Facebook or Twitter (yet).

This “lazy man’s” approach to social media might be the among the best 2 minutes you spend each day. It’s been my experience though that investing 10x that amount of time won’t necessarily bring you 10x the results.


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