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Social network ad targeting

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday September 19, 2007 )

The holy grail of advertising on social networks may be a step closer to being achieved. MySpace has announced it can now tailor ads based on the information on members profiles.

This is really not much different to contextual advertising I guess with accuracy turned up a few notches. More focus is just placed on certain areas of the profile for garnering crucial information about the person. Extend the algorithm to include the same sort of data on that person’s friends’ profiles and you’ve likely struck gold – unless of course it’s a network of fake profiles – plenty of those on MySpace :).

Still, the technology dubbed “hyper targeting” seems to be paying off big for MySpace. The company reports clicks from trials on “hyper targeted” auto related ads increased by more than double and music ad clicks jumped by 70 percent.

MySpace predicts the targeting technology will help increase their ad revenue from the current $40 million a month to $70 million a month by next year. If it’s as good as they state, I can imagine that many companies will be lining up to book ad space.

While some may see this technology as being rather invasive; if you’ve got to look at ads, most people would rather see something that’s relevant to them. I’m 38 years of age, settled and with a family – ads that promise to find my love match and quite plainly pitched to attract the late-teen/20-something group don’t really appeal to me. But I do love to punch that darned monkey from time to time. I said punch :).

Read more about MySpace’s hyper targeting technology.


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