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SMS vs email marketing

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Saturday October 25, 2008 )

For years now, marketing via mobile phones has been “the next big thing”. Looks like it may remain in limbo for a while longer according to this recent survey.

Marketing campaigns via email I’m very much used to. Marketing messages sent to me via SMS I’m not. Absolutely hate it. But then again, I’m not really a handheld device afficionado and I rarely answer my phone, much preferring to communicate via email or IM. So in this respect I recognize I’m a bit of a dinosaur, but it doesn’t seem I’m alone in my reaction to SMS marketing.

According to this survey by Exact Target, 20% of “wired” consumers, those aged between 18 and 34, have subscribed for marketing related SMS messages, but they aren’t actually interested in promotions; they are wanting customer service type messages such as alerts or updates.

When it comes to email marketing, Wired consumers are shop online regularly, 10% higher than average. They are also a segment most likely to buy online via email promotions. 87% state they have been influenced by an email to make a purchase.

Wired consumers are aged between 18 and 34. They average of 8 hours a day on their computers and are on the phone an average of one hour per day.

Another interesting little snippet from the Exact Target survey about wired consumers was regarding marketing via social networks. To this group advertising and messaging through social networks is generally not well received, however there is one exception : invitations to join sweepstakes.


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