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Ask Me Again In 5 Minutes

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Monday September 17, 2012 )

Hate those site surveys that pop up in your face as soon as you arrive on a site? You’re not alone.

I always find it curious that a request to fill out a survey about a site is presented to someone even before they’ve had a chance to look at it. It becomes even more frustrating when the popup is smack bang in the middle of the screen.

Popups have come a long way over the years – there is really no need to virtually smack people in the face with them any more. I’ve found a popup that slides up from the bottom of the screen and stays towards the bottom is just as effective.

Site owners need to understand that if you annoy a visitor with in-your-face popups that obscure what the person is trying to look at, it often ends with the popup being closed anyway, plus it’s really not a way to win friends (buyers) and influence people (shoppers).

However, a survey popup I came across the other had an interesting twist. As I went to close it, in addition to the close button was another option; “ask me again in 5 minutes”. I thought this was a nifty feature. A problem I could see with it is the folks that you may want to hear the most from are the ones that will abandon your site early in the visit; i.e. they can reveal important information about your site.

I guess the popup reminder can be set at a lower threshold, but another possibility is creating a minimize function.

But really, instead of going through all that, a thin strip popup that sits at the bottom of the page is probably the better way to go. The person can read the page content comfortably, the sliding up does attract attention, the popup doesn’t need to be closed as it only creates minimal interference, so the popup may follow the person around the site until such time they are ready to take whatever action you’d like them to.

Everyone wins.

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