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Site Design Revamps, SEO And Genitalia

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday October 25, 2012 )

What’s the connection you ask? Read on and all will be revealed (no genitalia pics, I promise).

Do you have a SEO person working for your business who becomes a little thorny every time you say you want to redesign your site or make some major change to it?

The SEO practitioner isn’t (entirely) neurotic. I’ll try to explain the reaction using a scenario you should easily be able to relate to.

Imagine you’ve hired someone to create the perfect promotional image. It’s taken many hours for the graphic designer to get it right and you’re confident it’s going to help generate a truckload of sales.

You then give the image to whoever posts content on your site to add to your sales page.

The image is published, you visit the page and instead of seeing that killer image, you’re presented with a photograph of diseased genitalia. What would your reaction be? Probably pretty severe. I’d say whoever publishes your content for you would be out of a job pretty quickly.

Messing with your site design could make it look prettier to some, but to Google it may be the equivalent of presenting it with an image of deformed nether regions – and this is why your SEO person may be reacting like he or she is.

What the Googlebot sees and what humans see may be very different things. What may seem to be simple changes to you may produce bottlenecks or brick walls to a search engine spider – or worse.

An SEO professional probably sees your site differently to you – it’s more about what goes on behind the scenes, in the code. He or she will probably have a mind map of how Google reacts to it, of how that person has tweaked, nipped and tucked to hopefully get Googlebot playing nice and as a result, boosted your rankings.

Your site redesign may be the equivalent of dumping a pile of steaming manure over that mind map, obscuring it. The SEO person will need to scrape it off and see if the roads, borders and places of interest haven’t been blurred.

The prettiest site in the world isn’t worth a pinch of poop if nobody visits. When planning a site redesign, work closely with your SEO folks because if they’ve been doing their job right, their efforts may have brought you some of the best returns on an investment you have ever experienced. Seems a shame to perhaps threaten that for the sake of a bit of bling.


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