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Marketing – keeping it simple

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Friday June 8, 2007 )

One of my favorite tv ads is very basic, probably cost the company peanuts to produce; yet is incredibly effective. Just about everyone I speak to about this ad know it and love it. It’s a good reminder that marketing doesn’t have to be about pow, zowie and zing – it can be short, sweet and very simple.

This is an Australian ad, so I hope the humor does translate for readers from other countries.

It’s every parent’s nightmare – being asked a question by their young child that they can’t answer; so not wanting to fall from hero status in their child’s eyes, they make something up :).

Just as a bit of an explanation in case the humor doesn’t translate well or you have trouble deciphering the accent – rabbits are a huge problem in Australia and Nasi Goreng is an Indonesian dish, not a Chinese emperor… and I don’t think the Great Wall was built for the purpose of rabbit control.

Simple yet entertaining and gets the message across, lovely. I’m sure it’s converting well for the company as they’ve been running it for a long time.

I’ve found the same deal with online advertising quite often; particularly banners – simple works. I’m no graphic artist, but I made up some banners for a service I was helping to promote and they were pretty ordinary. The design was clean, but very simple as I couldn’t recreate what was in my mind. Then I had an amazing graphic designer create some – and he produced some beautiful creatives.

The result was the plain banners received 5x the clickthroughs over the professionally designed banners. I think the reason for this was mainly due to so many companies in the sector using complex designs that they were being ignored. The plain style was different and caught the eye.

If you’re experiencing low clickthrough rates on banners and other marketing materials; consider going right back to basics, then tweaking from there until you hit the sweet spot.


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