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Simple email marketing

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Friday February 6, 2009 )

Sometimes it can be hard to crank out a regular newsletter or flashy email campaign, or one at all – but letting your lists go stale is a real waste of the effort that you’ve put into building them.

If you’re having problems in trying to concoct a full newsletter, even a gentle reminder from time to time to the folks on your list that you still exist is a good idea.

Maybe just briefly mention any new features or products you’ve listed recently. It doesn’t need to be long or a Pulitzer prize winning piece; something just like:

Hi there X,

Just wanted to know we haven’t forgotten about you and hope you haven’t forgotten about us! We’ve added a ton of great deals to our site in recent times such as X and X; hope you’ll stop by and take a peek!



Consider it 1 minute marketing :)

Another form of email reminder can be targeted towards people who haven’t logged into your service for a while. I received one of those today that went along these lines:

It’s been a while since you have logged into your account with us. Just as a reminder, your login name is : x

It didn’t really say much more than that and while it certainly did remind me about the service, it didn’t give me much incentive to go and check out the changes since my last visit. Some added details about new offerings wouldn’t have gone astray.

If you’re spending a ton of cash on PPC, yet ignoring your mailing list, you’re likely leaving a lot of cash on the table, not to mention accruing expenses you may not need to be. Email marketing, whether it be whizz bang campaigns or simple reminders, is still one of the most cost effective forms of promotion.


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