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Silly solicitations

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Friday May 15, 2009 )

There’s a ton of companies offering design, development and marketing services out there. The competition is so fierce, some will try anything to get your business or to generate a referral commissions.

I received the following email in relation to another site I work with, which is a really simple site consisting of few pages.

“Hey, I was on your site and I noticed that it was very difficult to navigate. I had the same problem just a few months back. I hired this group who guaranteed to improve not only my navigation, but my whole site conversion rate; so I figured it was a sure shot. Sure enough, they improved my conversion rates by about 200% and saved my business. If you’ve noticed this problem like I have, let me know and I’ll be happy to give you their contact details. ”

Lets see, a 200% conversion rate improvement sounds rather impressive, but not if you started out with 0 or 1 sale a month :).

Either this is the company misrepresenting themselves as a satisfied client, or an affiliate is doing the same. If it is the company, I’d certainly question doing business with anyone marketing themselves in this fashion. If it’s an affiliate of theirs, then he or she needs a lesson in marketing ethics and the company should immediately disassociate themselves from him or her.

Another one that came through today:

“You responded to us stating you’d be interested in seeing how to get your website on the first page of Google. Give me a call or write me back if you’re still interested. I’d be happy to give you a quick quote and explain how it works.”

Of course, I never approached this mob. Never heard of them and if anything, I think I could teach them a thing or two about getting on the “first page of Google” and without the PPC services they were no doubt going to attempt to peddle.

Be very wary of these sorts of solicitations; either responding to them or trying them out yourself as a way to drum up business as they can really backfire. Misrepresentation is not a good way to kick off a business relationship.

If you’re a web site developer or marketer scratching around for work, try out some of these strategies instead.


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