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Shady SEO services

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday August 7, 2008 )

If you have engaged the services of an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professional and have no idea what they are up to – watch out!

There’s all sorts of tricks that search engine optimization companies use in order to keep you hooked.. and one of them is keeping you in the dark, making your rankings seem like magic; much like the doctors of old.

The thing is that good SEO work is long lasting – when you discontinue the services of an *ethical* SEO company, your rankings shouldn’t sink like a stone.

The ones that hide what they are doing from you are often the ones that use short term and unsustainable strategies or are continuing to ride on the work they’ve already performed – in some cases they may not have done anything substantial in relation to your site for months; not enough to warrant the fees you are paying anyway.

A good search engine optimization company will tell you what they are doing and how they are achieving it, because the simple fact is this – achieving good rankings is not rocket science; but it *is* time consuming and requires focus. A solid, ethical SEO company knows you are busy, that’s why you’ve engaged them and will likely continue using their services for a long time as long as they continue to perform.

As mentioned, the shadier companies tend to use questionable methods – and some of these in the long run can see your rankings get slammed. When that happens, it will be blamed on something else, also requiring their services (how strange).

The bottom line is that if what your SEO company is doing seems to be voodoo, smoke and mirrors – ask them to explain it and report regularly on what they are actually doing – not to the point of you becoming a distraction to them as that will cost you as well; but just so you’re kept in the loop. If they resist or won’t communicate, consider utilizing someone else.


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