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SEO for Firefox extension

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Monday July 31, 2006 )

I’m not a big Firefox user, but the SEO for Firefox extension caught my eye and I’ve just given it a run. It generates some very useful information, including:

– Google PageRank of a site or page
– The age of the domain according to
– Pages linking to the site, data supplied by Yahoo
– The number of times the site has been bookmarked on
– Links to the page/site according to Technorati
– The Alexa ranking of the site
– How many pages are listed in Google
– Whether the site has listings in the DMOZ (Google directory) and how many
– If the site is listed in the Yahoo directory
– WHOIS (domain registration) information

It will even tell you how many links are pointing to the site from .edu and .gov domains.

This information is generated after you run a search query on Google or Yahoo – the items appear under each listing in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

SEO for Firefox makes monitoring the performance of your own site a lot less time consuming; no need to duck between other services to get at-a-glance information. It’s also useful for researching other sites who you may be considering partnering with – or competing with in search engine supremacy :).

Just a word of caution, the creator of the extension (Aaron Wall) recommends turning the extension on only when you need to use it and to ensure you run it with “nice” settings i.e. the options should be set to “on-demand” rather than automatic and the request delay set to 1 second – this is to minimize the risk of search engines temporarily blocking you for pummeling them with requests for data :).

The default settings provided when you install the extension *should* keep you sweet with the search engines, provided that you don’t go nuts with it. Turning the extension on or off only requires a single click on the icon in the FireFox status bar.

Congrats to Aaron Wall of SEOBook for creating a really handy tool! Perhaps I’ll starting using FireFox a little more now :).

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