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Senior men ignored by marketers

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday February 15, 2007 )

With the amount of wealth and disposable cash held by the senior market, you’d think that marketers would be focusing more resources on reach this group. In the case of senior men, it appears not.

MediaPost communications have published an article that states marketers have avoided targeting males over 65 as they are under the impression that they don’t do much more online than send and receive email.

I’ve made mention of this a few times in the past couple of years – old does not mean infirm and more and more seniors are getting online and doing *everything* – shopping, social networking; you name it, they are into it. Perhaps they are a little more discerning and suspicious than the younger age groups, but that doesn’t mean they should be put into the too-hard basket.

According to the MediaPost story, 62 percent of 65+ male seniors had access to the Internet in 2006; an increase of 10 percent on 2003.

While traditional forms of media are still very popular with senior males, it is changing; we just need to give them a reason to change by providing content and promotion in such a way that is palatable. We also to provide reassurance that it’s safe to shop with us. I discuss this more in my article, “Marketing to Seniors Online“.

Just to underscore the importance of security to senior males, MediaPost points out that only 14% feel comfortable using a credit card for online shopping; whereas 35% of the total US online population feels some degree of comfort in credit card purchases online.

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