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Search marketing statistics 2008

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday November 5, 2008 )

Looking for some interesting snippets of info to liven up your next dinner party? Nothing says Mr. (or Mrs. or Ms.) Popularity more than a hatful of search marketing facts and figures!

Compiled by AdAge from some of the industry’s leading sources, the 2008 Search Marketing Fact Pack is full of all sorts of interesting statistics. For example:

– Yahoo has a bigger percentage of female users than Google

– Google had 58.6% of August searches

– Overall US search volume increased 20% in the last year

– Search marketing spending is expected to hit $14 billion this year

– Paid placement made up over 78% of search marketing spend up until January this year, with organic SEO investment only 10.5%

– Overall volume of US searches in August this year was 11.75 billion

– Overall volume global searches during August 2008 via the 10 big engines/social networks was 82.8 billion. That works out to be around 12 searches for every man, woman and child.

– 1 word terms comprised 20.44% of searches this year

– 2 word terms made up 24.37%

– 3 word terms came in at 22.08%

– The top search terms for the year, not including… ahem.. adult terms were myspace, craigslist, ebay, youtube and It just goes to show how lazy we are when we can’t be bothered typing a .com at the end of a name in the correct browser field :)

All that knowledge plus a few bucks will get you a cup of coffee :). But seriously, AdAge’s 2008 Search Marketing Fact Pack is an interesting read.


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