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How Often Are People Using Search

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday August 7, 2012 )

If you have an online business, you probably use search engines multiple times a day – but what about the average person?

In a survey by Ask Your Target Market in June, 64% of respondents said they use search engines daily. 21% said they use search engines fairly often and 12% sometimes.

Only 2% said they rarely use search engines, and 3% claimed to never use them (which I find hard to believe).

When it comes to keyword query length, 27% stated they use one or two keywords. 12% said they normally enter longer phrases or full sentences.

9% said they enter searches in question form – this is where using questions for headings on your web pages can be quite effective in scooping up search engine traffic.

Just under half of respondents said the keyword query approach varies depending on what they are looking for.

Are searchers finding what they want?

Over a quarter said they always find what they need relatively easily and 61% said easily more than half of the time – so search engines are doing a pretty good job; coupled with the fact folks are becoming more adept with search.

However, 89% of respondents said they have wound up on sites containing their keywords, but not relevant to what they were looking for.

While how often this occurs wasn’t asked, nor was that issue expanded upon, I assume this doesn’t mean these are all spam sites, it’s probably more related to semantics; which Google and other search companies have dramatically improved on in recent years.

Better handling of issues relating to semantics isn’t just good news for searchers, but also for those writing for the web as it allows for more creativity in writing style – and writing for humans rather than robots.

You can read the complete Ask Your Target Market survey results here.


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