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Most Search Clicks Going To Adword Ads?

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Thursday July 19, 2012 )

It seems clicks after Google search queries on terms with high commercial intent are increasingly going to Adwords ads.

While perhaps the claim should be taken with a grain of salt considering where it came from, it wouldn’t surprise me if that were happening – Adwords has taken up increasing space on results pages over the last few years.

Wordstream, a search marketing company that specialises in PPC, claims in the USA, clicks on paid search listings outnumber organic clicks by nearly 2:1 for keywords with high commercial intent.

Furthermore, the company says approximately half of folks who use search engines can’t differentiate between paid and organic search listings. I’d believe this – sometimes the background colours Google uses on the top Adwords block are so subtle, it can be hard to distinguish from the white background of the organic SERP’s.

In WordStream’s infographic, it shows an example of a Google results page where only 14% of the screen shows organic listings – the rest is all paid links.

So what’s a site owner to do?

Well, just because it may be true it doesn’t mean anything will change just because you now know it. In other words, if you’re getting enough traffic without Adwords, don’t fret – but perhaps consider learning a little more about PPC and Adwords; just in case – and save a bit of cash in the meantime. Gotta have money to make money and all that jazz.

What it definitely means though is that a no.1 ranking in the organic SERPs is becoming even more important as we all battle for a slice of the pie and given each slice is getting smaller.

Last year I published an article on the difference in traffic among the top ten organic rankings – the difference from being in slot 1 and slot 2 is considerable and between slot 1 and slot 5 is huge.

Being in the top 10 if you’re on the wrong side of 5 simply doesn’t cut it any more.


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